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Data logger data logger vehicle tracker tuning

If you want to get vehicle values, such as engine speed, throttle valve angle and lateral acceleration, transmitted during a race, you need a data logger. A data logger is installed in the vehicle and can measure the most important vehicle values ​​during a race and forward them to the driver or the vehicle crew in the pits, for example. The retrofitting of a data logger is discussed in more detail below.

Data logger - performance control

Data logger data logger vehicle tracker tuning 3

Certain races, such as the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, are carried out under certain regulations. One of the regulations is, for example, that the vehicles have a specific data logger installed so that performance monitoring can take place. If you are an interested tuner and want to keep an eye on your vehicle values, you can also retrofit a data logger if the appropriate interfaces are available. The data logger measures performance data such as speed, throttle valve angle, lateral acceleration and intake manifold or airbox pressure. Which data is measured depends on the device and vehicle. A data logger for the racing area almost always has an integrated GPS system and is equipped with internal acceleration sensors. The measuring systems in the data logger can also be used to transmit and store longitudinal acceleration, lap times, route position and other things.

Retrofit data logger for the vehicle

Data logger data logger vehicle tracker retrofit

If you want to retrofit your vehicle with a data logger, you need a compatible model that fits the existing vehicle interfaces. If vehicles are retrofitted that already have modern control units, the data logger can also receive the data serially via RS 232, for example. CAN bus signals can also be received. However, this requires a corresponding driver for the AIM software. Data loggers are available commercially, for example via a OBD2 connector can be connected to the vehicle and have a Wi-Fi adapter. The articles connect to smart devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablet PCs. With a data logger, extensive vehicle diagnostics can also be carried out while driving. Depending on the data logger and software, a variety of functions can be called up.

Data logger - which data and functions?

Data such as vehicle speed, coolant temperature, intake manifold pressure, oil pressure, engine load, throttle valve position, air inlet temperature, pulse and other important factors can be called up. The values ​​of oxygen sensors can also be called up in real time. In addition, with many data loggers, the data can be downloaded with the appropriate software and printed out directly. When buying a data logger, you should pay attention to compatible interfaces and data display in real time. The installation of the device and the operation of the software should be as simple as possible. Anyone who has never installed a data logger should consult a specialist workshop. The specialists in the workshop can directly say whether a data logger can be retrofitted for the respective vehicle model and how high the effort and costs are. The appropriate software for the data logger should be able to be installed by download with regular updates. If you want to use smart devices to read the data in real time, you need compatible software. It makes sense that the software is available in the app store of the respective device and can be downloaded. Anyone who obtains the software from the manufacturer's website should pay attention to secure downloads.


  • Vehicle data logger records the current vehicle status
  • is measured via digital inputs
  • Changes in the state of the vehicle (engine on / off, acceleration, driving, stopping) are measured, etc.
  • additional acquisition of GPS signals possible
  • Vehicle data loggers should be installed so that they are easily accessible
  • Vehicles like the Mercedes AMG GT, the Corvette C8 or the Nissan GT-R have already installed various data loggers ex works

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