Also for the car - sports exhaust with DB Killer / DB Eater

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Sport Exhaust DB Killer DB Eater Tuning Car e1562909186185 Also for the car sports exhaust with DB Killer / DB Eater

The exhaust system can be aufgemotzt in various ways. The tuning of the exhaust system is optically possible or can be done to increase performance. In order to optimize the performance, the entire system is usually replaced and replaced by a sports exhaust system. This type of performance optimization often requires a chip tuning (Control Panel Customization) to be really effective. In order to make quieter sports exhaust systems and to comply with the limits of noise emission, DB Killer or so-called DB Eater are necessary. If something is changed to the DB Eatern, then this affects the operating permit. The operating license expires in almost every exhaust system when the DB Eater is removed.

Tuning the exhaust system - a few things to consider

Also for the car sports exhaust with DB Killer / DB Eater

Changing the exhaust system is not always allowed, depending on the tuning. It is important that you make sure that the operating permit does not expire. If the exhaust is purely optically altered, this often only affects the tailpipe and thus the visible exhaust part. The tailpipe is usually inconspicuous and is visually enhanced by tuning measures. When tuning the tailpipe, make sure that it does not protrude too much out of the vehicle. Otherwise this can lead to a fine. Tuning workshops can advise on the optical modification of the exhaust. However, this variant does not affect the soundscape. In addition to the purely optical exhaust tuning, the silencer, the catalyst, the exhaust manifold and, in principle, the entire exhaust system can be individualized individually or as a whole by tuning measures. However, the tuning of the exhaust system affects the vehicle registration and must be planned accordingly and performed properly and registered will. In contrast to the motorcycle, accessory exhaust systems for the car almost never come with a removable DB Killer in the tailpipe. But they are available from Magnaflow, for example, and other providers also have variants that are often intended for Japanese vehicles. For example, if you order an export sports exhaust system, the word "export" has a special reason.

Nothing special on the motorcycle, but on the car ...

Sport Exhaust DB Killer DB Eater Tuning Car 3 Also for the car sports exhaust with DB Killer / DB Eater

The exhaust system is usually so loud that it can not be approved in this country. It may be that it comes without a catalyst (complete system) which also ensures that a permit for the road is not possible. Does one have an export variant with Catalyst so you can with a specially made DB Killer / DB Eater for this exhaust system but possibly by means of individual acceptance achieve that the system can be used legally. However, we leave out the sometimes immense costs for approval / approval here. It should only be pointed out that the "possibility" exists. The right DB Killer / DB Eater for such an exhaust system reduces the volume to the level required by law. Noise or noise emissions should always be kept low. Noise is stress for the body and too loud noises can even make people sick. Accordingly, noise limit values ​​for vehicles are set in Germany and almost all other countries worldwide. Cars registered before 2016 can cause up to 75 dB. From 2016, this applies to new vehicles, only up to 72 dB of noise may be caused (more information -> here ). The volume that a vehicle may cause is stated in Part I of the registration certificate.

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To comply with these limits, DB Eater / DB Killer are used. It is almost always a fixed system (cane) im Silencer. The DB Killer is almost never to be found in the exhaust tailpipe of a car, as is often the case with an accessory sports exhaust system for a motorcycle. There the DB Eater is almost always a long tube (approx. 5 cm) with a diameter of approx. 5 to 8 cm. It can be removed quickly thanks to a small screw. Due to the tubular shape of the DB Killer, sound waves can spread less and the volume is reduced. The "rare“Variant for the vehicle. The tuning of the exhaust system should be carried out professionally and professionally so that the operating license does not expire. Tuning workshops can give detailed advice on exhaust tuning and normally no one will recommend the variant with DB Killer and individual acceptance for the car. Working on the DB Eater and removing the DB Eater will result in the operating license being void. Why, then, by means of individual approval, let such a variant for the car be painstakingly approved? A tracktool with street legal approval could be an explanation! But here too there are enough alternatives with Approval. It always makes sense and before to be advised on the tuning in a specialist workshop with regard to legal regulations.

limits are also valid on the racetrack

BMSPEC body kit Ford Focus RS Tuning Racetrack 14 Also for the car sports exhaust with DB Killer / DB Eater

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