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More road safety with an additional mirror

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Blind Spot Mirror Additional Mirror Tuning More road safety with an additional mirror

Good visibility in the blind spot is not a science, because retrofitting is possible. The blind spot assistant is helpful in city traffic and on the motorway and supports the driver when changing lanes or turning. Unfortunately, this has not been installed as standard in all vehicles so far, and this is always an issue that arises, especially for large trucks. Retrofitting is possible and partly affordable for everyone. However, you should leave this to the professional when it comes to a technical system with connection to the vehicle electronics and weigh the pros and cons.

Possibilities of retrofitting

Blind Spot Mirror Extra Mirror Tuning 2 More road safety with an extra mirror

The blind spot can be made visible in different ways. The simplest option is to add a mirror. There are different models: the "dead angle mirror", the "wide-angle mirror" or an "additional mirror". These are often attached to the exterior mirror and form the blind spot. The advantages are simple assembly and that they are the much more cost-effective variant. A disadvantage is that these are quickly fogged up and smeared or dirty are not very helpful. And visually, they're not the best option either. Newer vehicles already have larger mirrors, which can be cleverly adjusted with aspherical, curved glasses in order to reduce the blind spot. For many vehicles, these complete mirror glasses are also available for retrofitting from the manufacturer. A more complex variant is the mirror camera with radar. The "side assist" radar sensors are mounted in certain brackets and provided with shields. The mirror caps cover the wiring. A light element for the exterior mirror is included depending on the installation set. A warning signal lights up in the mirror as soon as the sensor detects another road user in the blind spot.

if possible a system from the vehicle manufacturer

Blind Spot Mirror Extra Mirror Tuning 3 e1563278931998 More road safety with an additional mirror

The advantage is that the system warns you with light and, depending on the variant, with a sound signal. The disadvantage is that you have to rely on the manufacturer to make sure that they fit the model exactly. The sensors must always be clean and properly installed so that they are fully functional. A mounting set of this type is available from the manufacturer Bosch, for example. Two ultrasonic sensors per vehicle side are retrofitted here, which monitor the traffic in the neighboring lane as electronic eyes. You can find more on the subject in our article on Blind Spot Assistant, And the automotive industry is also working flat out on new solutions. Valeo, for example, is working on a system that looks back with radar. Volvo was the first provider of mini cameras to be developed further. There are already inexpensive retrofit options for trucks and trucks. In terms of cost, they are comparable to those of the manufacturers. However, it is advisable to fall back on the manufacturers, if possible.

Is the retrofitting really worth it?

Blind Spot Mirror Extra Mirror Tuning 4 e1563278991352 More road safety with an additional mirror

Safety mirrors are cheap and can quickly make everyday driving easier. The turning assistant with blind spot warning system is pleasant and supports the driver in heavy traffic and in the city with visual and auditory signals. However, many of the retrofit offers do not serve the purpose. The obligatory look over the shoulder when turning is still the safest way to check the blind spot. Until new solutions are on the market, it is still a matter of keeping the exterior mirrors clean, adjusting the mirror correctly and thus reducing the angle. In addition, a blind spot mirror for less than 10 € for both exterior mirrors can be a good idea to "support" the driver. And it may even save lives!

maybe a lifesaver for a few euros

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