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The differential cooler for cooling the differential!

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Differential cooler Diff cooling Tuning e1582613608692 The differential cooler for cooling the differential!

Differential coolers are an important retrofit item for tuned vehicles. The differential can overheat quickly, for example on long freeway journeys or on the racetrack as well as permanently fast driving. For example, temperatures of over 140 ° C can arise and this is definitely too high for the diff. With tuned cars that are used for races, the temperature rises even faster and higher, making a differential cooler a necessary component for all racing cars. Differential cooling, especially with regard to lowered cars, is discussed in more detail below.

Avoid high temperatures

Differential cooler Diff cooling Tuning 3 e1582613757407 The differential cooler for cooling the differential!

It is more common to read in forums that heat problems occur in the differential area under heavy loads. Not infrequently this also leads to restless running behavior. Renowned tuners have also read that a temperature display was installed in the rear axle differential and that enormous temperatures could be measured there during long journeys on the motorway. And that with a perfectly functioning differential. Lowered vehicles can also have high temperatures, even after a short drive. The reason for the high temperatures can be poor air circulation, for example. A differential cooler is therefore useful for lowered, tuned vehicles. For example, variants with an electric pump / fan wheel are commercially available, which ensure proper cooling. But the installation of a special air flow also cools the differential down and prevents premature failure.

Differential cooler for sporty vehicles

Differential cooler Diff cooling Tuning 2 e1582613678582 The differential cooler for cooling the differential!

When buying a differential cooler, the interested tuner should pay attention to suitable components. The cooler must of course fit in size and also cool sufficiently. Differential coolers for almost all types of vehicles are commercially available. Furthermore, tips for the right differential cooler can be found in tuning forums. In the case of suitable coolers in specialist shops, attention should be paid to effective cooling types. Differential coolers can cool down the differential with air flow and prevent a rapid rise in temperature. Depending on the model, the differential coolers are even available in different colors. The interested tuner can buy, for example, silver, blue or black differential coolers. A differential cooler must of course be installed professionally so that optimal cooling is possible. Differential coolers are also available in TÜV-free versions. However, this always depends on the provider, the installation location and the way. Here you should inquire in any case.

Differential cooler - specialist workshop or do-it-yourself installation

Tuners like to screw on their cars and it is not surprising that the differential cooling is also installed. If you are a hobby screwdriver and have no experience with the installation of a differential cooling, you should consult a specialist workshop or at least have someone at your side who has experience with installation. There are also many blog articles on the Internet that show how to install the cooling yourself. However, this does not necessarily mean that the installation instructions must be correct and that self-installation is suitable for copying. In a tuning or specialist workshop, an optimal installation of the differential cooling can be guaranteed. The appropriate cooling can also be obtained there directly from a specialist dealer. Differential cooling must work flawlessly and ensure perfect cooling. It should also be possible to cover longer distances without the temperature rising enormously. If you want to install the differential cooling in a vehicle approved for road traffic, you should inquire beforehand whether the operating license expires or not. No general statement can be made.

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Differential cooler Diff cooling Tuning 4 The differential cooler for cooling the differential!

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