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ASR - deactivation switch retrofitting possible?

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Snow winter ASR deactivation switch retrofitting possible?

Drive slip control, short ASR, is present in most modern vehicles and is intended to prevent the uncontrolled spinning of the vehicle wheels when accelerating. Starting off on a wet road, in mud or on snow can also cause the wheels to spin. ASR works against this and is a not insignificant safety aspect in the car. In modern vehicles, the shutdown of the ESC the ASR can often be deactivated directly. Why this may be necessary and which technology was used before the introduction of ASR is explained below.

Differential lock instead of ASR

Tuning differential lock limited slip differential 2 ASR deactivation switch retrofit possible?

Before the ASR was introduced, the differential carried out to prevent the vehicle wheels from spinning. The system can therefore still be present in older cars. But it was by no means standard on board. At least not with the "bread and butter“Cars of the time. However, the system was regularly installed in high-quality vehicles from the luxury class or at an additional cost. A differential lock ensures that the drive torque is diverted to the wheel with good grip from the wheel with poor grip. Traction is improved and the wheels are prevented from spinning. ASR works completely differently!

Deactivate ASR - useful in snow and mud

Deactivate traction control ASR ASR deactivation switch Retrofitting possible?

ASR ensures that the spinning wheel is throttled and does not redirect power from one wheel to another. The engine power is throttled and a safety gain is achieved on dry and wet roads. If corners are driven quickly, the wheel that is driving in the outer corner area does not spin and the road grip remains optimal. However, ASR has disadvantages in snow, because the vehicle can get stuck in the snow and hardly comes out of high snow with activated ASR. In such a situation, it makes sense to disable ASR, for example, with snow chains driving on snow-covered roads.

Deactivate ASR - is that possible?

In modern vehicles there is usually an ESC / ASR switch or some other electronic device that can be switched off. The traction control is deactivated by pressing the ESC / ASR deactivation switch. ASR should always be switched on unless snow chains are required or there is a lot of snow and mud to drive. Even if you are “stuck”, it can make sense to switch off the traction control system in order to “puff yourself out”. In many modern vehicles, the systems are designed in such a way that deactivation is canceled when the engine is restarted. This means that the ESC / ASR deactivation switch has to be pressed again after every engine start, when driving through snow and mud. The on-board electronics or the switch should show whether the ESC / ASR deactivation switch is activated or whether ASR is still active. Deactivating ASR makes perfect sense on loose ground, deep snow and when a stuck car is being driven.

ASR constantly intervenes?

If the ASR intervenes constantly and the driver can hardly get out of the job, then the correct functioning should be checked in a specialist workshop. For example, there may be defects that prevent the ASR from working optimally. The ESC (Electronic stabilization program) includes different systems. The systems include EDS, ABS and ASR. ESC usually only works when the engine is running.

Retrofit to deactivate?

Pull ASR fuse ASR deactivation switch Retrofit possible?

There are vehicles where the ASR cannot be deactivated. This can depend on the motorization, the vehicle type and even the type of transmission. For example, with an Opel Vectra C Caravan 1.9 CDTI, the Skoda Citigo Green Tec, the VW T6 or some models of the Renault Megane, the ASR cannot be deactivated. As an alternative, some manufacturers rely on systems that can be deactivated, but can be switched on again at a certain speed. We think that's a good compromise. If the ASR can not be deactivated across the board, the only option is to pull the Fuse to deactivate the ASR. However, this can lead to complications with other systems in the vehicle and should only be used as a possibility in an absolute emergency. As a solution for crafting Of course, the supply line to the ASR fuse can also be interrupted with a switch. But here too, various error messages, including failures in the electronics of the car, can be the result. There is no official retrofit system to properly activate or deactivate ASR.

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Snow chains maximum speed ASR deactivation switch retrofitting possible?

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