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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

Is there a parking facility for the “Doctor on duty” sign or similar signs in the vehicle's windshield? We would like to deal with this in this article. Let's stay with the "Doctor on duty" Shield. In everyday life there can be situations that bring the road traffic regulations, StVO for short, to the edge of what is possible. Hence there are so-called special rights for the Federal Armed Forces, the fire brigade, disaster control or the police. For medical professionals, however, there is save special regulations. Nevertheless, there are always vehicles that do not park in accordance with the regulations and are clearly visible Doctor on duty sign have inside. Does the sign exempt from the road traffic regulations? What punishment if such a sign without authorization is used?

“Doctor on duty” sign and more!

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  1. FAQ "Doctor on duty" sign
  2. The parking rules for a doctor on duty.
  3. Special permit according to area of ​​use.
  4. "Urgent medicines": no permission for violations!
  5. Is the "Urgent Medicines" sign an excuse?
  6. The sign "Expert on duty"!
  7. The sign "fire brigade in action"!
  8. more signs

FAQ "Doctor on duty" sign:

“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

Are there any special parking regulations for doctors?

  • Basically apply to doctors the same traffic rulesas for all other road users. With a doctor-on-duty sign there is no special rights, for example for house calls. The exception here, however, are acute emergencies.

What penalties does a doctor face when parking illegally?

Can a doctor get special permits for home visits?

  • It is an individual decision by the city or municipality whether or not to see a doctor special permission exhibit. Many places give their doctors special permits that allow parking when there is no stopping, for example. "Back to overview

The parking rules for a doctor on duty.

Everyone knows the search for a suitable parking space. Doctors are also affected by this problem. However, valuable time is lost in the search for a parking space, which is better spent with the patient. However, if there is no legal parking space, then some medical professionals will park contrary to the regulations, puts the doctor on duty sign in the car, hoping to avoid a ticket. But that's what this sign is for did not think and the fine is imminent anyway.

“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

There is one exception, however, in which a doctor on duty sign cancels the road traffic regulations. This is the Emergency regulation § 16 OWiG (= Law on Administrative Offenses). This law says:

"Anyone who commits an act in a current, not otherwise avertable danger to life, body, freedom, honor, property or another legal asset in order to avert the danger from himself or another, is not acting unlawfully [...]."

If this is the case, the label should indicate this exactly. Should a fine be imposed, the doctor can refer to the state of emergency and appeal against the ticket.

What happens if a non-medic uses the shield?

  • Usually threaten for abuse no sanctions. The sign can be bought by anyone. A medical degree is therefore an option to purchase in an online shop not necessary.

Are there any exemptions for medical professionals?

  • There is an alternative to the doctor-on-duty sign. The alternative is available from the relevant road traffic authority. According to Section 46 of the StVO, the road traffic authority can issue an exemption that disregards stopping and parking bans allowed. What is necessary for the exemption, however, differs from region to region. The following reasons can be observed:
    - the doctor can prove a certain number of house calls
    - Restriction for general practitioners or certain specialties
    - Restriction to a specific area of ​​application

Special permit according to area of ​​use.

The exemption can issue the authority and limit it to certain areas. For example, the exemption is only valid in the pedestrian zone or another demarcated area. For the doctor, this is much more effective than a doctor-on-duty sign.

Is the Urgent Medicines Sign More Effective?

  • No. This sign also gives the user no special rights, not even according to § 35 StVO. Here, § 46 StVO could be the justification for an exemption. However, this has nothing to do with the “Urgent Medicines” or “Urgent Medicines” sign.

Why is the Urgent Medicines Sign used?

  • Courier drivers are usually under time pressure and try to process their orders quickly. With this sign, the drivers hope to avoid a fine and to be understood by other road users.

How do you become a driver for urgent medicines?

  • Urgent drug drivers are normal courier drivers. you need save special knowledge. Usually only a driver's license is required. "Back to overview

"Urgent medicines": no permission for violations!

Courier drivers are often pressed for time. If the list of assignments is long, it is tempting not to be too strict about the traffic rules. People like to drive too fast, overtake where it is not allowed or ignore a parking ban. Behavior that can annoy and even endanger other road users. The "Urgent Medicines" sign often lets anger go away. The other road users assume that every second really counts when the urgent medicine is delivered and that the driver certainly has a special permit. The other road users are subject to this a mistake.

“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

Anyone can buy the “Urgent Medicines” sign and hang it in their car. This sign doesn't allow anything. Of course, the driver could have an exemption according to § 46 StVO, which among other things allows him to ignore a stopping and parking ban. However, the “Urgent Medicines” sign does not prove that such an exemption has been granted. "Back to overview

Is the "Urgent Medicines" sign an excuse?

Shouldn't one also with vehicles with such a "Urgent Medicines" sign without a special permit show a certain goodwill? Was it because of the medication that was actually in a hurry? This consideration is understandable, but not understandable for us. Then in a real emergencywhere every second really counts, should anyway the ambulance called will. So if it is not an emergency after all, then the "urgent medication" is probably but not in such a hurry as intended and therefore not suitable to excuse disregard of the traffic rules.

Many urgent medicines come to or from a pharmacy. The trips to the pharmacy usually have, however fixed dates (usually several times a day). If the medication is transported from the pharmacy to the patient, the patient will wait for his turn anyway according to the tour schedule, which can take a few hours. More "Appearance as being“, But it doesn't necessarily have to be behind the sign. It could actually be a matter of drugs that have to be kept in the cold chain, for example. You definitely need to be in a hurry! However, this would also be a reason for the aforementioned Exemption according to § 46 StVO it is a possibility. "Back to overview

The sign "Expert on duty"!

At the sign "Reviewer on duty!"Or"Expert on duty!“It is a Car signwith the help of which appraisers can more easily drive into areas where other motorists cannot go. However, the sign alone is enough not from. A legitimation for the corresponding on-site deployment must of course still be provided. In addition, appraisers are often allowed to park in special parking spaces with this sign. The sign may therefore open some doors for the appraiser that are otherwise closed and make work on site easier. However, the sign provides a legal basis for violating applicable regulations not. "Back to overview

“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

The sign "fire brigade in action"!

Do I have to give a fire brigade member who is traveling in a private vehicle and a sign "Fire brigade in action“Use, create a free path? The fact is that the fire brigade has special rights according to the aforementioned § 35 StVO. And depending on the federal state, fire brigade members with private vehicles can also make use of Section 35 (1) StVO special rights and, in the event of an emergency, park their own vehicle in a no-parking area or speed restrictions in moderation exceed. On the one hand, however, it applies here that only "with due regard to public safety and order“May happen, on the other hand, the sign does not change anything.

With that, however, such a vehicle is more recognizable, a "fire brigade on duty" sign can be useful for the emergency drive with the private car to the tool shed or to the emergency site. The right of way according to § 38 StVO may only be used by fire engines that are equipped with flashing lights and emergency horns. As a road user you are not obliged to drive the private car with the Fire brigade on duty sign To give priority but one should do it as far as possible. However, if the vehicle is equipped with a Special signaling system equipped, then they have to make room.

  • allowed on private car: the use of an unlit roof top with the words "fire brigade in action".
  • not allowed on private cars: the use of a blue flashing light or an emergency horn. "Back to overview

There are more signs:

  • Midwife on duty
  • Farmer on duty
  • Therapist on duty
  • Home call on duty
  • Undertaker on duty
  • Vet on duty
  • Security service in action
  • Hunting and forest protection on duty

So these and other signs can do it no legal basis for various offenses in the area of ​​road traffic regulations. The signs serve only as information or as a supplement. And that will not change either, just because the provider of the signs might want to score with an alleged membership number or with the reference to the license plate in the sign. "Back to overview

“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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“Doctor on duty” sign and more: automatic parking facilities?

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