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Door handles autotuning, versatile ideas and cost-effective solutions

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Door handle tuning crystal door handles auto tuning, versatile ideas and inexpensive solutions

Are you bored by the standard door handles on your car? In this post, you'll learn a few tuning options that allow you to make the barren door handles a small highlight on the car. But here, too, there are rules that you should stick to. This should be noted if you want to do a door handle tuning: The door handles are manufacturer specific and therefore almost never compatible with other models. First and foremost, you have to make sure that the selected door handle matches your car. Do you have the right grip (Search with the help of the key numbers from the vehicle registration), you can simply install the components according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is important not to manipulate the door handles or rebuild them by hand, so that the security guarantee continues to exist.

the range is extremely large

Door handle tuning stainless steel e1562732459813 Door handles auto tuning, versatile ideas and inexpensive solutions

You can look at various portals such as YouTube or Facebook useful tricks and instructions for professional installation. If problems occur during installation or removal, you can use the versatile tips of Videoblogger help. If necessary, of course, a workshop. Doors and grips for your car are available in almost all current trend colors and designs for the outside, but also the interior. Because just as you can change a door handle on the outside, so does the inside. You can also decorate the interior with LED strips on the door handle and thus enhance the interior lighting. There are countless possibilities especially for the cabin.

You can implement these different possibilities for your individual door handle tuning:

  • Inside: illuminated door handles, LED door handles, LED light strips for the interior, door handles with a new handle shape
  • Outside: Chrome trims and chrome-plated door handles, carbon door handles, stainless steel door handles, individually foiled door handles, these variants create a particularly noble overall impression
  • Door handle recesses: There are paint protection foils for the hollows of the door handles, there are also colored foils here or you can even apply a special protective lacquer in the door handle trough

Advantages and disadvantages of tuning the door handle

If you fulfill your tuning according to all manufacturer guidelines, you have no disadvantages to fear. The installation and removal of the door handles is relatively simple and done for quick, skilful hands in no time. Advantages you can learn about the look and convince yourself of the new design of your car. Disadvantages arise when using accessories without approval. Here even the decommissioning of the vehicle can be the result.

Manufacturer / supplier - tuning door handles + accessories

  • BMW E.g. carbon fiber door handles for sporty designs and puristic accents (M Performance Parts), Amazon & Co.
  • promile eg LED light strips for interior decorations and door handle markings.
  • Ring Automotive eg LED door handles in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • XUKEY eg chrome covers and chrome door handles made of durable and high-quality material.
  • Kaliwa eg car door handle protective film, paint protection film for cars with recessed grips / handle scales

At the end... The door handle tuning on the vehicle is a cost-effective way to upgrade your own vehicle and to position a few visual highlights. The conversion is usually quick and experienced hobbyists and tuners can implement their own design concept professionally with the individual tuning ideas. The simplest version here are certainly covers and foils that are applied directly to the existing handle. Completely more complicated are completely new door handles instead of the standard handles.

Let's go for under 10 Euro

Door handle tuning cleaning door handles auto tuning, versatile ideas and inexpensive solutions

The supreme discipline, however, is definitely the installation of a completely new door handle at a completely different point on the door or the "clean" of the car door. In any case, an expert should be spoken to beforehand and a workshop should be consulted. We hope that you the info report on the term Tuning on the door handle (Other designations: Chrome trims Door handles, handle covers, stainless steel decor Door handles, carbon fiber door handles, illuminated door handles, door handle recesses Tuning, door handle covers set) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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