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Two become one - the double car "can" be legal!

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Double car, double vehicle, double car 2 make two out of one!

Are you looking for a so-called double car with two engines? There really is, and it is part of the tuning area. However, we think can not be the variant "BiMoto", which we recently introduced to you in the form of a 1.800 hp Lupo or with the 1.600 hp VR12 Golf have presented. And a “double car”, where one vehicle was welded upside down onto the roof of another, is not meant either. The term BiMoto is also true for these variants, after all, 2 engines are installed, but we mean vehicles where the car fronts have been welded together to form a car. Corresponding videos of conversions can be found on Youtube showing cars with two fronts. The following explains more about the "trend" and explains where these cars can be driven.

One car - two car fronts

Double car, double vehicle, double car 3 make two out of one!

A car that has two car fronts, each with an engine, is well known in the tuning sector. When viewed from the front, the cars look normal and when viewed from the side, they look as if one of the two fronts were depicted by a mirror. This mirror image appearance is achieved by cutting up two cars and then welding the two vehicles together. What has just been explained so simply is actually a complex process that requires the complete conversion of the cars. You have to reinforce the vehicle in the middle, relocate the tank and there is a lot to consider. The vehicle, also known as a double car, has already been built by many tuners or "car enthusiasts". Interested readers can find corresponding videos on YouTube and search for terms like double golf, double car or double car. A “double golf” was produced in Germany by the YouTubers “Dumm Tüch” out of whim. You can see the result of this “Low German” production in the following video.

Double car - long conversion time

And a double car takes a long time to convert. The VW Golf, or better, the two VW Golf fronts, were only finally put together after many hours of work. The production of the double car required a complete conversion of the vehicles and leads to a strange result. The two fronts each have an engine and the car can be driven in two directions. Both fronts can therefore be used almost normally. In theory, a "tug of war" could take place between the two fronts, which will probably only be decided when the fuel runs out, the tires are dead or the technology fails on one of the two fronts. The double car can be built so that it can drive in both directions. However, reverse gear is unnecessary. The double car cannot therefore be driven back from the same driver's seat or from the same front. At least not the aforementioned Golf.

Always forward, never backward

Doppelgolf Doppelauto Dumm Tüch Two become one the double car can be legal!

The driver has to switch fronts in order to achieve something like "reversing". Of course, this can be cumbersome in the long run. The double car should primarily be fun and show that such an undertaking works in the tuning area. One car with two fronts and intact engines can of course not be legally driven on the road. These cars are not approved for road traffic and are only intended for private use and shows. Accordingly, the double car produced in the Low German area was only driven on private premises.

A car with two fronts - legally possible

The double car is not a theoretical invention. Cars with two fronts and intact engines really do exist and can be admired on Youtube. Thanks to the intact engines, the car can be driven in two directions. It has no reverse gear and may only be driven on private property. At least if you do it in a simple way. However, there are also approved vehicles that can be legally moved. Here, too, two identical fronts have been welded together, but instead of the lighting system for the front then tail lights, reflector and a reversing light can be installed. And of course you have to invest a lot in terms of technology. The transmission, the electrics, the interior, the drive and much more must be professionally converted in order to actually be allowed to drive legally on the road. If the vehicle then passes the individual acceptance test, nothing stands in the way of using it on the road.

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Double car Double vehicle Double car Two become one The double car can be legal!

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Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Drop center rims Steep shoulder rims Half drop rims 310x165 Two become one the double car can be legal!

Small details for the perfect interior: the handbrake handle

Handbrake handle cover parking brake e1576650240737 310x165 Two become one the double car can be legal!

Comfort at a low price: retrofit automatic lighting!

Light automatic nachr% C3% BCsten automatic light 4 310x165 Two become one the double car can be legal!

Sports brake pads are part of the new brake!

Sportbremsbel% C3% A4ge Bremskl% C3% B6tzer race track 3 e1576587563546 310x165 Two make one the double car can be legal!

Full pot power - the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

top fuel dragster in lamborghini 310x165 Two become one the double car can be legal!

Tuning on the fuel line? Possible, but be careful!

Fuel line steel braided line fuel hose e1576648509187 310x165 Two become one the double car can be legal!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Two become one, the double car can be legal!

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