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Car radios in double Din format, so with double installation height, bring a lot of comfort in the everyday life of the vehicle owner and look to it also really good. In addition to better readability due to the larger display or better usability by the large-scale controls, the Radioriesen also usually have a lot of additional features to offer.

From sat nav to cinema on 4 wheels

Common double-Din radios are now equipped with Bluetooth throughout, so that smartphones and digital players can be paired directly with them. The own playlist comes so without additional data carriers such as CDs or SD cards in the car radio. Better devices also offer the convenience of one speakerphoneso that safe driving is also possible during a telephone call. More elaborate devices also provide the owners with a built-in navigation system, making external devices completely redundant. For breaks a turn brings an integrated media player with the ability to play movies from DVD, SD card or Bluetooth, in addition to relaxation and variety. Some models even offer the option of connecting a rear view camera and thus additionally serve road safety. Other features like one SOS Charger or full access to the internet is also feasible. Here, in the end, only the price decides.

Eyes open when buying a radio

The selection of double Din radios has grown steadily in recent years. But not every radio is suitable for every vehicle. Many manufacturers also indicate in the technical data the suitability for certain vehicle models. Here, not only the existing electrical connections are crucial, because the major hurdles arise during mechanical installation. Since double Din radios have twice the height, they logically also require a larger mounting frame and accordingly space in the dashboard or the console. If the vehicle is not equipped for the installation of 2-Din radios as standard, the panels must be worked out accordingly. So here is some manual skill required if there is nothing to retrofit. But not only the installation height holds pitfalls, the installation depth is crucial for the selection of the radio. Devices with an integrated CD or DVD player require far more air to the rear than purely digital models, which are built much flatter. Therefore, it is advisable to measure once in advance and to determine the available space before you afterwards with a sawed-cockpit and a radio is there, then it does not fit.

alternative solution

If the structural conditions in a vehicle cockpit partout no space for a double Din radio offer, one can manage with special solutions. There are also devices in the trade, which need only a normal DIN installation bay, however, by an extendable display, the comfort of a double Din radios offer. Alternatively, such a radio can be installed in the glove box and is then using Remote Control (for example, on the steering wheel) controlled. There are also possibilities, for example at one Restomod-Project to install a 2-Din radio in the glove compartment and control it using the original old-school radio in the dashboard. Incidentally, in our post "DIY: Install and connect the car radio correctly!“We show the most important steps for exchanging the radio.

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