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Save money - retrofit the car with a DPF particulate filter

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For owners of older vehicles, who want to drive through all environmental zones in cities, the particulate filter retrofit applies. The retrofitting of the vehicle is recommended with a diesel particulate filter.

Advantages of particle filters

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Apart from the fact that then may be driven in environmental zones, the sales value of the vehicle is also increased. And it contributes significantly to environmental protection and health. Particulate filters cause drastically less pollutants. In addition, one secures a vehicle tax bonus which relativizes the issue after a few years. Diesel vehicles with emission class Euro 3 can get a green environmental badge instead of the yellow one by retrofitting the filter.

Retrofitting the soot particle filter

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Retrofitting a soot particle filter is a relatively simple job. The new diesel particulate filter is installed behind the built-in catalytic converter. The filter blocks soot particles and fine dust from the engine exhaust gases. The filter is made up of various materials, such as aluminum titanate. The particles are captured by filter bags.

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In the renewal phase of the filter, the soot particles oxidize and are thus eliminated. A distinction is made between two different particle filters: the open particle filter and the regulated particle filter. With the open particle filter, it is necessary to influence the engine management. It is ordered that at least a 30 percent particle reduction rate be achieved. With the regulated particle filter, a particle reduction rate of 90 percent is achieved. However, this retrofitting is very expensive and time-consuming.

the cost of a DPF

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Particulate filters are not cheap. Retrofitting and installation costs between 700 and + 1.000 Euro. For cars that are older than five years or more than 80.000 km driven, the oxidation catalytic converter must be replaced. For vehicles that are not equipped or for new cars that do not meet the Euro-5 value, a tax of 1,20 Euro per 100 cm2 must be paid. The offer to promote concerns diesel vehicles as well as RVs up to 3,5 tons of weight, ahead of the 1. January 2007 were approved. Car owners get between 260 and 330 Euro per vehicle from the state.

Save taxes with a diesel particulate filter

Retrofitting a diesel particulate filter can save taxes. It is important that the installation is registered in the papers. It depends on the model of the vehicle how much can be saved. First, you should check whether retrofitting your own vehicle is even possible. Then you can install a particle filter and confirm this. The registration office needs the confirmation and makes a comment about the use of the filter in the vehicle registration. Then you fill out the application forms of BAFA and send them to BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control). BAFA then makes the decision regarding the application. PS: Important information about the specific Course of the regeneration drive can be found in our article "How often does the particle filter burn free? Can I do this manually too?".

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  1. Thank you for this post on the topic of particle filters. It is to be welcomed that the installation can lead to a tax advantage. Personally, I also think that's good, because I think that ecological commitment should be rewarded.

  2. Thomas karbowski

    Good to know that installing a particulate filter also increases the vehicle's sales value. My uncle would like to have a new particulate filter installed in his car. I will forward this information to him to strengthen his decision.

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