Tuning term "Draggin" - air suspensions and metal skids

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Draggin Sparks Tuning Airride e1560342532165 Tuning Term Draggin Airbrakes and Metal Skids

As you know for sure there is nothing in the tuning area that does not exist. Many things are done to make the vehicle even better, more beautiful, faster and more extravagant. Below we consider the possibility of Smart Air suspension as well as their advantages and disadvantages and why you one metal frame to the car. A metal frame? Jupp that exists! At least if you are a fan of Draggin Tuning scene (Explanation below) are. Vehicles that belong to this whimsical type of tuning namely need both the frame and the air suspension. Likewise, the advantages and disadvantages are highlighted in this article.

General information about air suspensions

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Of course, landing gear is not a new invention. For a long time there have been well-known companies such as Bilstein with the Airmatic, Airforce Suspensions or Wabco, which deal with air suspensions in the automotive sector. Many vehicle manufacturers have already installed these as standard in their cars and with a few tricks the factory air suspension can even be used for lowering. But especially in the tuning area, the "real" Airride air suspension systems are used again and again, as they have corresponding positive properties and enable a significantly more extreme lowering.

Advantages of air suspensions

FAB Design Mercedes SLS AMG Airride Fi Exhaust Tuning 19 Tuning Term Draggin Air Suspensions and Metal Skids

An advantage of air suspension is that you can regulate the vehicle steplessly in height. In contrast to the normal spring, which has a fixed length, you can regulate the height of the air transport according to the air volume in the airbag of the suspension accordingly. The suspension hardness can also be adjusted and steplessly regulated. This results in the advantage that you can adjust the suspension according to his wishes, driving behavior and the road condition accordingly. Stepless regulation of the suspension has a corresponding eye-catching effect. When the car changes its height as if by magic, it's always an eye-catcher.

Disadvantages of air suspensions

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The disadvantage of air suspensions is that you need an additional compressor, which permanently produces the desired amount of air and the desired air pressure and keeps the level permanently. Thus, the space required for the suspension is higher than in the classic variant. The cost of an air suspension including installation are significantly higher and are not to be underestimated even with a necessary repair. Depending on the design of the aerial landing gear, this must be approved and registered by the TÜV for subsequent installation. Otherwise, the use on public roads is not allowed. And now the second topic to the Draggin is needed. The frame!

Advantages of metal and magnesium frames

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To use the vehicle in the show area, you can attach a magnesium or metal frame underneath the bodywork. Thus, it seems visually ever lowered because the frame can be mounted so that it is directly visible. In addition to the visual effect of the metal frame but something very special. Namely, that he sparks when touching the ground. And here comes again the Airride into play, that the vehicle can discharge so extremely far. This is definitely an absolute eye-catcher. The use of magnesium makes the sparks even more intense and brighter.

Disadvantages of metal and magnesium frames

Draggin Sparks Tuning Airride Frame 2 Tuning Term Draggin Air Suspensions and Metal Skids

The cultivation of metal frames is basically should not permissible and must in any case be accepted and registered by the TÜV. But the chances of success are very low here. Especially if it's just about the show effect this will certainly not be approved. And another explanation will be pretty difficult. When using magnesium you also have to be careful that these sparks can get very hot. The attachment of the frame requires appropriate holes in the bodywork, so that the frame does not get lost when touching the ground and damage or injure the car, vehicles behind it or people.

never on public roads

The framework has no other purpose than to cause a sensation sand allow. It goes without saying that the road will also be damaged. Reason enough that this type of tuning is forbidden and almost unknown in this country. But how could it be otherwise - there is definitely a real dragging scene in America. We hope that you the info report on the term Draggin from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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