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Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

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Drop center rims Steep shoulder rims Half drop center rims Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Drop center rim is the exact name of the rim shape that occurs on the vehicle. The drop center rim is the typical rim shape for car rims. Every rim is actually a drop center rim. Tubeless tires are fitted to the car, making deep bed rims the only rim shape possible. The reason for using this rim shape is that the tubeless tire can be used safely and with a large volume of air. Why the rim shape used on the car is called a drop center rim is explained in more detail below.

Drop center rims - they have a hump

Rims Hump drop center rim Explanation Dimensions Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

The elevation that sits on a rim shoulder is called a hump. Drop center rims have two rim shoulders and a hump. The increase is circumferential and ensures that the tire does not press into the drop center of the rim. The hump of the drop center rim ensures a secure tire fit. The rim shape is available in asymmetrical and symmetrical versions. If you are considering using a different rim shape for car tires, for example in the tuning area, you should know that the use of drop center rims for tubeless tires is required by law.

Which rim shapes are differentiated?

Other rim shapes were used in older vehicles. For example, other rim shapes were used for trucks and buses. In the meantime, the tires of the trucks and buses are also fitted with drop center rims. Other rim shapes are considered outdated. A distinction is made between steep shoulder rims (one-piece drop center rims for trucks and buses, rim shoulder inclined by 15 degrees) from the semi-low rim (Rim bed only slightly recessed, rim shoulder inclination 5 degrees) and the inclined shoulder rims (have a flat bed, shoulder is inclined by 5 degrees). Sloping shoulder rims and steep shoulder rims were previously used on trucks and buses. Another rim shape is the TD safety rim. It is considered a drop center rim with a reduced rim flange height. The TD safety rim ensures greater suspension comfort. A depressurized tire does not jump into the drop center in the rim shape.

Rim designations - easily explained

If you are looking for a rim for your car and want to buy high-quality rims for tuning yourself, you have to know what the names mean. The selection of drop center rims for the car is also large in the tuning area. Even if there is a large selection, the rims are all precisely marked. In the case of drop center rims, the hump, rim width, offset and internal width are precisely specified. The rims are designated alphanumerically. This means that both numbers and letters are used to identify a rim in certain combinations. The rims have designations such as 7 J x 15 H2 ET35. The first numerical indication shows the rim width in inches (7 inches / 18 cm). The first alphabetical indication shows the rim flange shape. J is the shape most commonly used in passenger cars. The x stands for drop center rim and the 15 indicates the rim diameter in inches. The H2 specification indicates that the rim has a hump on both sides. The number 35 indicates the offset in millimeters. Details like LK 5 × 120 as an addition, indicate the diameter of the bolt circle (120 mm) and the number of screws (5).

Drop center rim in the tuning scene

Dodge Charger Widebody F421 AG Wheels Tuning Rotora 4 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

In the tuning scene, the drop center rim is usually a rim with a large outer drop center. In other words, the rim well is several centimeters deep and ensures a particularly powerful look. In combination with a small or even negative press-in depth, such rims can ensure that the wheel arches are properly filled in vehicles with widened wheel arches. We hope that the info report on the topic / term Drop center rims from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

Red Pig 2 Mercedes 280 SEL W 109 Widebody Reviva Tuning 7 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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Safety technology and comfort - retrofit rain sensor

Rain sensor Rain assistance system nachr% C3% BCsten e1576585175316 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

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Fuel line steel braided line fuel hose e1576648509187 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

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Automatic light system nachr% C3% BCsten Automatic light 4 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Sports brake pads are part of the new brake!

Sportbremsbel% C3% A4ge Bremskl% C3% B6tzer race track 3 e1576587563546 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Full pot power - the vehicle as a dragster conversion!

top fuel dragster in lamborghini 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

Small details for the perfect interior: the handbrake handle

Handbrake handle cover parking brake e1576650240737 310x165 Every car has one: Drop center rims are standard!

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