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Dry sump lubrication M159 V8 Mercedes SLS e1580477234362 Better lubrication of the dry sump lubrication!

Dry sump lubrication is actually known from aircraft engines and is used in four-stroke engines. The dry sump lubrication makes a separate one oil tank required, which contains the lubricant (OIL). A pressure pump ensures that the lubricant reaches the appropriate lubrication points. The dry sump lubrication works with a second pump, which acts as a suction pump and feeds the dripping lubricating oil from the oil sump back into the oil tank. Why dry sump lubrication is good for four-stroke engines and why it is also used in the tuning area for the car engine is explained below.

Suction pump stronger than pressure pump

Dry sump lubrication engine engine Better lubrication of the dry sump lubrication!

Lubricating oil must be pumped back into the oil reservoir by the second pump (suction pump). So that this can be done easily, the suction pump has a higher output (output) than the pressure pump. Dry sump lubrication is interesting for engines that are subject to extreme accelerations and changes in position. This is the case for aircraft, but also for off-road vehicles and racing vehicles. Incidentally, more well-known examples are the Porsche 911 or the M159-V8 from the Mercedes SLS. Thanks to the two-pump construction of the dry sump lubrication, the level in the oil tank can be optimally maintained and the engine can be reliably lubricated. The air intake is avoided in this way. Larger amounts of oil can be used for dry sump lubrication. This allows the cooling performance to be optimized. At the same time, an oil change is not necessary as often and the intervals up to an oil change are extended. The construction of the dry sump lubrication enables a freely selectable positioning of the oil collection container. As a result, the distribution of the weight and the interior design can be optimized.

Dry sump lubrication vs. Wet sump


The dry sump lubrication system is more complex than the known one Wet sump, The complex installation is related to the separate oil tank and the second pump. As a rule, dry sump lubrication is only used for motorcycles, off-road vehicles and for racing cars / sports cars due to the complex construction. The dry sump lubrication is prone to malfunctions due to the more complex structure. If a pump fails, the lubricating oil circuit breaks down.

Retrofitting dry sump lubrication?

Dry sump lubrication can be professionally retrofitted and is not to be understood as a hobby craft. Improper retrofitting can lead to engine damage. Alternatives are discussed in forums, such as an electric oil pump that controls pressure via a chip. Dry sump lubrication is only recommended for motorsport vehicles and off-road vehicles that are exposed to high accelerations or extreme changes in position and therefore require a second pump (suction pump) and a separate oil tank.

Dry sump lubrication - conclusion

Dry sump lubrication is primarily known from the aircraft sector and is used in four-stroke engines. In contrast to wet sump lubrication, dry sump lubrication requires a separate oil tank and two pumps. A pressure and a suction pump are necessary to keep the oil level constant and to keep the engine lubrication optimal. Retrofitting dry sump lubrication is interesting for motorsport vehicles and off-road vehicles if they do not already have the system. The retrofitting itself is complex and should only be carried out with specialist knowledge.

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