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DSG sports gear retrofitting tuning More sportiness a DSG sports gear retrofitting

There are several reasons to retrofit a transmission. On the one hand, a defect can be the reason for replacing the old gearbox, but the idea of, for example, fitting a VW Golf 2 / 3 / 4 with it is not new either. Do you feel like increased driving pleasure? Then a DSG sports gear can help you to a true driving experience if you were previously used to perhaps only a hakelige circuit. What advantages and disadvantages arise for you and what opportunities you have, you will find out in this post.

What exactly is a DSG sports transmission?

DSG sport gear retrofitting Tuning 2 e1560347865311 More sportiness a retrofit DSG sport gear

The DSG sports transmission is also referred to as a direct shift transmission. The dual-clutch transmission was originally launched by the car manufacturer Volkswagen. The technology is based on an automated switching technology. Two partial transmissions enable a fully automatic gear change without interrupting the traction. The various gears are independently determined by the transmission control and measured at the speed. However, the driver is also able to manage the gears himself by pressing the shift paddles or the selector lever.

Why are sports gearboxes retrofitted?

DSG sport gear retrofitting Tuning 4 More sportiness a retrofit DSG sport gear

Sports gearboxes are retrofitted to increase driving pleasure. At that time, the DSG sports transmissions were intended only for racing. Today, anyone can retrofit a sports gear, the conversion is legal and is registered by the TÜV inspection. In some cases, people who enjoy driving decide to replace the defective transmission with a sports transmission. But what options are there to retrofit a sports transmission? Basically, almost all models can be retrofitted to a DSG sports transmission. Here, it is only a cost-benefit analysis to perform whether not perhaps the purchase of a car with DSG transmission is all in all cheaper.

Advantages when retrofitting a sports transmission

DSG sport transmission retrofit Golf MK2 MK3 MK4 e1560348064222 More sportiness a DSG sport transmission retrofit

You benefit from significantly shorter shift travel and shift times and can accelerate much more effectively. With the installation of a DSG sports transmission, you are guaranteed to have more driving fun. Another advantage is the smooth gear change that takes place without delay or jerks. In addition, an additionally reinforced DSG transmission can even be more durable than a manual transmission and thus ultimately more cost-effective.

Disadvantages of the conversion

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A frequently criticized disadvantage of the DSG sports transmission is that synthetic oils are used. These oils produce sulfur-containing pollutants when heated. The substances are often stored in the form of crystals on the gearbox and cause short circuits. In addition, of course, some extreme costs for the DSG gearbox, the installation, the acceptance and the adaptation of any planned vehicle components arise. At least if you resort to brand new parts.

additional conversions necessary?

DSG sport gear retrofit tuning clutch More sportiness a DSG sport gear retrofit

If you would like to retrofit your car with a sports gearbox, then you have to pay a considerable amount of money. You also have to calculate the replacement of the clutch. However, the costs are relatively manageable if you fall back on used parts and the conversion can only be carried out if you have a cost estimate. That gives you one small Security so that the costs do not go up in the aftermath. At the end... With a DSG sports transmission you can legally maximize your driving pleasure and live it out. The installation of a DSG sports gearbox is worthwhile for anyone who wants to be on the move quickly and brings the necessary change. For any pending repair costs, the owner must, however, in the case of a defect often just as deeply in the bag as in the conversion.

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