Low-friction tires: environmentally friendly tires of the future?

Anyone who thinks about the environment in the context of road traffic today arrives at "Energy saving tires"Or"Eco tires“Called, not over. But what exactly do we mean by that? What are low-friction tires actually? This "Green" tires have completely different names: Low-friction tires, environmentally friendly tires, fuel-efficient tires, fuel-efficient tires and energy efficient tires. The names vary greatly. From tires with low friction is expected to make a measurable contribution to the Environmental Protection Afford. You are on that rolling resistance optimizes what both the Lowers fuel consumption as well as the Lifetime increased. Everything to improve and optimize the vehicle's energy balance.

the rolling resistance makes the difference

Unfortunately, the worse the tire's rolling resistance, the worse its grip on the road. Because in order to ensure adequate adhesion, the surface of the road surface must be with the tire when rolling over it interlock. But this is exactly what leads to abrasion of the profile and also costs energy - and therefore also fuel. Smooth running tires want these actually conflicting factors bring together, Safety give and also the protect the environment. rolling noise should be less than with a normal tire, because loud rolling noises are nowadays considered to be Ecological damage.

Rolling resistance is a crucial factor. It describes the resistance that a tire has to overcome. The larger the contact area of ​​the tire, the more the rolling resistance is higher. That depends on the size of the tire or the weight of the vehicle. This is why we use more fuel with a fully loaded car than with a less loaded one. An ecological tire is made to ensure both low rolling resistance and excellent grip in wet conditions. The tire manufacturers who produce such tires call them “eco” or “energy saving tires”. Every now and then the name "fuel-saving tires" is also mentioned.

Why does a “green” tire have such a low rolling resistance?

The special one rubber compound the eco tire reduces friction and thus increases fuel efficiency. The tires also contain a special rubber component that is firmly anchored in the tire block profile. It makes it possible to store more energy and thus reduce the tire's rolling resistance. The lower rolling resistance in turn leads to lower fuel consumption. A tire's rolling resistance can account for up to 30 percent of the vehicle's fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a quarter.

Reducing rolling resistance can mean reducing the vehicle's carbon footprint up to 300 kg reduced in the year. This is of course reflected in the fuel costs. Basically, you are doing something good for the environment AND Your finances too. If it were possible to equip all vehicles with green eco tires, one could save billions of liters of fuel per year and reduce the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions by 50 million tons. A win-win situation for all concerned and for the environment.

Some low-friction tires are listed below:

  • Continental EcoContact 6
  • Fulda EcoControl HP2
  • Pirelli P7 Cinturato Blue
  • Michelin ENERGY SAVER +
  • Conti.eContact
  • Nokian eLine 2

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