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Elbow Wheels Wire poke rim spokes TUning Spread the crazy Elbow Wheels tuning rims!

The so-called elbow wheels are tuning rims, mainly from America in the course of the so-called "Slab Culture" are known. You could translate them to German as "elbow rims". They look very peculiar because they are often 15 cm, or more, wider than normal rims. The center of the rim is pushed out and is held in place by additional spokes. In general, they are very extreme tuning methods and they are very noticeable. Elbow wheels themselves look basically the same, but are produced by various manufacturers and thus have different designs. Starting with the distance between the spokes and the length of the protruding center of the rim, everything can vary and is sometimes also manufactured according to the buyer's specifications. In addition, they are of course available in all imaginable color variations and some manufacturers even offer LEDs built into the rim. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Other facts about the Elbow Wheels rims

Elbow Wheels Wire poke rim spokes TUning 2 Spread the crazy Elbow Wheels tuning rims!

They are legally seen in Germany, Austria and many other European countries should not allowed because they are too dangerous and pose a risk to pedestrians and other vehicles. In America, however, they are (as far as we know) and an applied method of special hip-hop tuning that is particularly widespread in Houston (Texas / USA). Basically, the rims are of course not attached to cars that are still in their original condition, but only to vehicles with extensive modifications. And as standard is (Luckily) no vehicle is equipped with the rims, as they are not legal in many countries anyway. However, anyone can easily purchase them on the Internet. So far there are European and especially German providers (Updated 2020) not really. But since they can be found in American tuning shops from time to time and are available for purchase, a few sentences also get lost in Europe.

The “Slab Culture” is hardly known in Germany

Slab Culture elbow wheel Slabline Tuning 5 Deliver the crazy Elbow Wheels tuning rims!

Because the mentioned “slab culture” is almost non-existent in Germany, hardly any cars with the elbow wheels can be seen even at special tuning meetings for US vehicles. Common cars on which the elbow wheels are often installed are oldtimers, convertibles, muscle cars, Lowriders but also often on various luxury cars from Cadillac or Chrysler. In general, however, they are not installed that often these days, they had their heyday in the 1990s and early 2000s. The basic installation of the rims is possible in countries where they are illegal, but driving on public roads is of course not allowed. Of course, this reduces the community of interests even further. If you have a car that is not used on public roads (For example, a so-called Trailer Queen), modified with the rims, this is of course completely legal. Incidentally, this very special rim has no real function, but the appearance is all the more distinctive for it.

high recognition value is guaranteed

Advantages of the rims are the high recognition value and the conscious distancing from normal bikes and the normal tuning. This is also the reason why the owners of the rims appreciate them so much and spend many thousands of euros on them. But it is not for nothing that many countries prohibit the use of elbow wheels. They cannot be used without hesitation in everyday traffic, since the increased width of the vehicle creates a greater risk of accidents. The edges and tips are particularly risky for pedestrians and animals, but also for parked vehicles. It is inconceivable if, while driving past, that the wire frame that has been pushed out touches the shins or catches a dog at full speed. Due to a moment of carelessness, one or the other serious accident or expensive property damage can happen through these rims.

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