E-power for everyone: electric turbocharger / compressor

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electric turbocharger compressor tuning E power for all: electric turbocharger / compressor

Electric turbochargers or electric compressors are available as universal devices that are easy to use on most cars. It does not matter if it's a gasoline or diesel. An e-turbocharger can be used with injectors or carburettors, with turbo or naturally aspirated engines. Provided the right models are used. Electric turbochargers can be regarded as a kind of development of the often smiled power booster. Various electrical intake air compressions are commercially available. There are more than a thousand known systems. What advantages do electric turbochargers / compressors offer and where are they used? These and other questions are answered below.

More air power thanks to e-turbocharger

electric turbocharger compressor Tuning2 E Power for everyone: electric turbocharger / compressor

The electric turbocharger offers you as Tuningbegeisterten quite advantages. The right e-turbocharger, compressor system leads to a partially better torque in the lower speed range and allows for faster throttle response. An air flow of about 15.000 liters per minute to the intake air can be achieved. By a slight dynamic pressure, the intake air is compressed. Depending on the system, e-turbochargers can also work in the middle and lower speed ranges up to approx. 20 HP. An electric turbocharger should be able to deliver much more air at the same throttle position. For example, a dynamic pressure of approximately 1.45 PSI or 0,1 bar can be generated during the driving operation. At least that promise the providers! Electric turbochargers / compressors should be installed exactly according to instructions, in order to achieve the desired performance.

Advantages of e-turbos / e-compressors

electric turbocharger compressor Tuning5 E Power for everyone: electric turbocharger / compressor

Electric turbochargers / compressors can provide better cooling of the intake air. The cooling of the air is beneficial, because cold air is richer in oxygen than warm air and burns better. An electric turbocharger can provide better combustion, and even in some cases provides exhaust reduction. Consumption of the vehicle can be reduced by about 10 percent with the right electric turbocharger / compressor. At least that's what the providers promise! However, the economy or fuel consumption also depends on the driving style of the driver and the type of vehicle. Commercially available electric turbochargers / compressors with patented systems are described as non-registrable. In case of doubt, the TÜV should be consulted before installation but to the registration requirement. Even professional tuning workshops can help with the subject of registration. Good electric turbochargers / compressors deliver the power where it's needed.

Universal turbocharger

electric turbocharger compressor Tuning6 E Power for everyone: electric turbocharger / compressor

Universal turbochargers are available on the market, which represent a further development of the power booster. The products should always provide air and already deliver power in the lower and medium speed range. The turbocharger should lead to a smooth, powerful and agile running behavior of the engine. When buying an electric turbocharger, attention should be paid to its suitability for the respective vehicle model. Universal turbochargers that are suitable for many diesel and gasoline cars are available on the market. Turbochargers can be used in front of the air flow meter or the air filter box (series filter box for VW and Turbo VR6 engines, etc.). However, you should find out beforehand what intake air the engine consumes at maximum speed without the turbocharger. The maximum value of the e-system must therefore be higher otherwise the turbo / compressor will even be a disadvantage. One should also consider that the software must of course be informed that more intake air is available from now on. Another important criterion is the best possible quality. After all, this part is sometimes located directly in front of the intake "after the air filter" and if it dissolves into air, the splinters drawn in can even lead to engine damage.

ask better at the tuner of trust

electric turbocharger compressor Tuning8 e1559811853788 E Power for everyone: electric turbocharger / compressor

If the Elektroimpeller system brings any understandable benefits then probably the maximum in the speed range to a maximum of 2500 rpm. move. To what extent this system may even become an obstacle above this speed can only be determined on a dynamometer. We hope that you liked the report about the concept of electric turbochargers / compressors in the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to. PS: You can find even more information in our large turbocharger special!

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