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Ellenator vehicles - everything worth knowing for the conversion!

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ellenator conversion car tuning e1581054665737 Ellenator vehicles Everything you need to know for the conversion!

An Ellenator car offers many advantages when compared to conventional passenger cars. However, the first glance shows that an Ellenator has nothing to do with the legendary Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 "Eleanor" has to do. Not in the beginning ... The inventor Wenzeslaus "Wenzel" Ellenrieder, a master car dealer from Dösingen, had set himself the goal of constructing a suitable car for his 16-year-old son. It should have a certain stability and should offer a minimum level of security. And he succeeded. Since an Ellenator passenger car is classified in the L5e vehicle class, it is suitable and also approved for young people aged 16 and over. If you can show a driving license of class A1, you will reach your destination quickly and safely with the throttled vehicle. And the Ellenator can also be used with driving licenses in classes 1b, 3 or B. It is only necessary to ensure that the driver's license was acquired before January 19, 2013. The same applies to the old driving license class 4 if it was acquired before April 1, 1980.

How does an Ellenator car work?

ellenator conversion car tuning 5 Ellenator vehicles Everything worth knowing for the conversion!

An Ellenator vehicle belongs to the category of passenger cars. The vehicle has four wheels and is still rated as a three-wheel vehicle. So it is not to be compared with Reliant Robin, which also carries the single wheel on the front axle. The converted axis of the Ellenator is at the rear. And two tires can also be seen. There are dual wheels which are counted as a wheel and are attached to a vehicle axle. The passenger car is usually operated with a 1,0 - 1,2 liter gasoline engine. More power ex works doesn't make sense either, because the engine is throttled to just 20 hp by means of an electronic control system.

What are the advantages of an Ellenator vehicle?

ellenator conversion car tuning 7 Ellenator vehicles Everything worth knowing for the conversion!

If you decide to drive an Ellenator car, you can expect many advantages:

  • Thanks to the throttling to 15 KW (20 HP), also suitable for young people from 16 years and driving license A1.
  • Safer and more comfortable than a lightweight vehicle or a two-wheeler
  • Particularly suitable for beginners and older people
  • Maximum speed of 90 km / h
  • Allowed on highways
  • Four wheels, approved as a tricycle
  • Permitted to carry up to 4 people
  • Maximum load 300 kg
  • Extensive safety equipment, ABS, ESP and airbags
  • The entire vehicle equipment, such as navigation system, hands-free system or air conditioning, can be retained in the converted vehicle

In our opinion, the last two points in particular are convincing. Such a vehicle cannot be compared with a light Aixam City Diesel (moped car), a microcar or a car from the manufacturer Ligier. The Ellenator is a full Vehicle from a large manufacturer and therefore has all safety-related options on board. Apart from the rear axle and the throttling of the engine power, there are almost no differences to the production vehicle.

How is the vehicle converted to the Ellenator car?

ellenator conversion car tuning 8 Ellenator vehicles Everything worth knowing for the conversion!

The conversion to the Ellenator car requires a high degree of skill and technical know-how. For the conversion to the Ellenator vehicle, the entire rear axle of the car must be removed and converted. A suitable wheel arch must then be attached in the middle of the trunk, which of course limits the trunk volume. The wheel arch is firmly welded in, so that two 14-inch wheels can optimally absorb and distribute the wheel load. Furthermore, you have to attach a special rear wheel swing arm to the axle mounting points. The double wheel, which only has a track width of less than 460 mm, isDirective 2002/24 / EG, such a bike is legally considered a bike), added. The springs and shock absorbers used so far can continue to exist if they are undamaged and fully functional. Then the rear wheel housings are covered with a galvanized sheet and, if necessary, painted or foiled. The Ellenator car now has a streamlined look similar to the VW XL1 (1 liter car) and can even be upgraded like a normal vehicle by means of tuning.

which vehicles are suitable for the conversion?

Cars that are on the VW Group's PQ24 platform (Seat Ibiza, Škoda Fabia and VW Polo) can be converted to the Ellenator. And since 2017, the popular Fiat 500 can also be converted. However, there are already modified Ford KA and other models. The vehicle class is important here, so an Opel Corsa could also be considered. So if you have enough capital, you can have a well-equipped Audi A2, the slightly larger Seat Cordoba or the VW Fox and the Skoda Fabia converted to the Ellenator. And the rare VW Gol should also be suitable for this. All of them were created on the PQ24 platform. Since 2015, the vehicles have been built in series and sold with street approval.

PS: An alternative, albeit a pretty one uncertain, by the way is a Light motor vehicle. There is more about this in our article "Light vehicles / moped cars: risks and benefits!".

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ellenator conversion car tuning 5 Ellenator vehicles Everything worth knowing for the conversion!

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  1. As far as I know, a car like this "in Switzerland" is allowed to have four wheels, but no longer weighs 550 kg. (Such vehicles are also limited to 60). It's a shame that the Smart is so heavy (and sub-category B1) so I would have taken a Smart (motorcycle insurance would be cheaper)

  2. Markus Schneider

    I didn't think the conversion to the Ellenator car would be so demanding. My car meets the requirements for the conversion because I drive a Fiat 500. I hope that I can quickly find a suitable company for vehicle construction.

  3. I will never be able to understand that you can't just wait until you reach the right age. It's all about faster, higher, further and recently even younger. When I look at the driver's casual steering wheel posture, I already know. There is no training on such a broad vehicle. No information on seat adjustment / steering wheel position / steering technology. Shifting must then be derived from the motorcycle. This is all half-baked stuff just to use force to get young people in the traffic. As a responsible father, I would not dream of letting my children drive around in this vehicle without a practical training.

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