More safety in the car with an emergency brake assistant!

Emergency braking assistants are available in a simple variant and in a more complicated version. The simple variant is also called "City Emergency Brake Assist“Means or has names that are similar. The technically simpler system also recognizes pedestrians at speeds of 30 km / h to 60 km / h. Environment sensors are used and relatively simple camera systems are used. Technically complex emergency brake assistants, on the other hand, intervene reliably even at speeds over 60 km / h. The more complicated variants are equipped with a radar system or a stereo camera in order to be able to precisely determine the distance to potential hazards. Older vehicles that do not have an emergency brake assistant can only be equipped with such an assistance system under certain conditions.

Beware of retrofit offers

Assistance systems are also popular these days in the small car segment and are abundant in new vehicles. The interested buyer can, for example, a collision warning, lane departure warning, Rain- and Light sensors, parking aids, Reversing Cameras, Emergency braking assistants and many other assistance technology if the financial means are available. If you have an older vehicle model and would like to upgrade it with assistance systems, you should not accept every offer and be particularly careful with retrofit kits for complicated assistance systems.

Emergency braking assistants - can be retrofitted?

Many assistance systems, such as light sensors, rain sensors and parking aids, are available from reputable specialist dealers and can also be easily retrofitted in older vehicles. However, interested tuners should commission a specialist workshop to retrofit the assistance systems. Problems can arise with the electronics or even worse damage to the car if the retrofitting is not carried out properly. Things are different with emergency brake assistants. Retrofitting complex systems needs to be considered carefully. Emergency braking assistants and lane keeping assistants can usually only be retrofitted and coordinated by the manufacturer. The complex systems must be able to access a lot of data and sensors from the vehicle's computer and they intervene directly in the brake system. This means that retrofitting is not possible for all car models and should also not be done by a tuning workshop. It is advisable to ask the manufacturer whether the emergency brake assistant can be retrofitted. If advised by the manufacturer, then the retrofit should be through a questionable upgrade set from a third party not respectively.

Retrofitting assistance systems - consider the cost factor

For many assistance systems, a specific sensor system must be available and the corresponding cable position should at least be able to be connected to the on-board system. Subsequent installation of assistance systems can be very complex and not economical. The costs of retrofitting should always be kept in mind. Furthermore, complex retrofit systems should only be installed and calibrated by the manufacturer. External intervention should also be viewed with caution. There are apps whose manufacturers state that the road can be observed, for example, via the camera of a smartphone and that a warning is issued when the driver leaves the lane. The apps are not really reliable and the smartphone camera is also not suitable for performing distance measurements and track measurements exactly. You can use such a tool with pleasure, on it "leave" but you shouldn't under any circumstances. If you want to retrofit assistance systems, you should primarily contact the vehicle manufacturer.

Conclusion: retrofitting by the emergency brake assistant

Parking aids, rain and light sensors and cruise controls are sometimes available for less than 100 euros and can be installed relatively quickly by a specialist workshop. If the installation has been carried out correctly, the retrofits from the accessories trade can then work quite satisfactorily. However, this does not apply to complex systems such as lane keeping or emergency braking assistants. They can only be perfectly matched to the car by the manufacturer. This requires software that is tailored to the respective car. The accessories trade can usually not deliver them. In addition, there is the extremely high cost factor. If the special sensors or the cable harness for the system in question first have to be retrofitted, then the subsequent installation will not only be complex, but also very expensive. Apps for smartphones or upgraded retrofit GPS systems that promise to analyze the road via the mobile phone camera are not advisable.

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