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Emoji Car Display Smiley Screen Tuning e1562913767219 Emoji Car Display (Smiley Display) Fun with consequences

Emoji car displays are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the US. You can send clear signals to other road users with an LED display. But what about the rules of the Highway Code? What does the police say to signaled motorists? How to install the LED faces and logos and when to use them will be described in this article.

Versions of Emoji Car Displays

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You can choose between different versions, most of the displays play back pictures at the press of a button. The ads vary from smiling faces, to lettering and warnings, to entire text passages. However, you should attach the funny and attention-grabbing car displays only at exhibitions and fairs to your Tuning vehicle, because these are in Germany in the traffic verboten. And you also have to pay attention to how intensely the LEDs light up and whether your car may have a tinted rear window. Both aspects have to be clarified beforehand like our test from Divoom Pixoo Max Pixel Display shows. The part had almost no luminosity and was not really suitable for use in the car.

When will an LED Emoji Car Display be used?

Emoji Car Display Smiley Screen Tuning 4 Emoji Car Display (Smiley Display) Fun with consequences

Do you often feel pressured? Are you annoyed by impatient road users and jostling speeders? Then you can let your emotions run free with an emoji car display - at least if you live in a country where such a display can be used. Depending on the model, the displays react at the push of a button, via a mobile phone app or a voice command. You can show a sad face or a statement that shows the other person exactly what you think of them. And such an LED display can be quickly attached to the rear window, the side window or the front. Almost all Emoji LED displays are attached to the glass with the help of a suction cup and are after connection to the power supply (for example, on the cigarette lighter) directly ready for use.

Is attaching Emoji Car Displays prohibited?

Police fine catalog tuning emoji car display (smiley display) fun with consequences

No, attachment is NOT prohibited. However, inserting information boards, LED lettering, faces and LED emoji car displays while driving is not permitted according to §52 StVZO. It is very similar with one radar Detectors, Warnings and prompts on LED displays are incumbent on the police only. Your interior lighting must not emit light to the outside as we also see in the report on Ambient lighting have already mentioned. The glowing element on your window could hinder other road users, insult them and pose an increased risk of accidents. Should you still use the Emoji Car Displays and get into a police check, you can withdraw your vehicle operating license, the insurance cover expires and you can take part expect a hefty fine. Not to mention a civil law report because of a possible insult. In the event of an accident, it may happen that you are the sole cause of the interference in road traffic and have to pay for the damage without insurance.

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At the end... LED emoji car displays would be a fun alternative to fiddle with other road users. Unfortunately, the scoreboards are prohibited in all European road traffic. And rightly so! It's hard to imagine when every vehicle uses light signals to tell the environment about the current mood and mood of the occupants. If you plan to attach an emoji car display, you should only do this at exhibitions and trade fairs and remove or deactivate it before the trip. The penalties and consequences, in the event of an accident or in the case of a police check, are not worth the relatively small amount of fun.

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