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Tip: What does an engine cleaner actually do?

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Each engine shows various after a certain running time Wear and tear, loses performance or defective parts occur. This is often caused by deposits or residues in the engine. These arise in the engine oil and through combustion. The oil will then no longer run in liquid form through the engine and the engine parts will no longer be properly lubricated. In this way the engine loses power. And a heavy build-up of dirt can also cause serious damage to the engine.

the engine cleaner

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To avoid having to repair or replace parts of the engine, it's well worth the low cost of one Engine flushing to accept and the problems prevent. With the help of a Engine cleaner be performed. This is a cleaning agent that is used for the addition into the engine oil suitable is. By treating with an engine cleaner, residues of the burns should be removed and the engine can run better again and, above all, more gently.

Correct use of the engine cleaner

The use of the cleaning agent differs from product to product in various details. A conventional engine cleaner will with in the engine oil given. Exact information on the amount and dosage can usually be found on the packaging or on the bottle of the cleaning agent.

    1. Nachdem the engine must be started after the engine flush has been added to the oil.
    2. It should now idle for a period of time.
    3. Lots of guides / manufacturers advise against it to drive in this time.
    4. The engine should not be overused during the process.
    5. Usually the time that the engine should run for successful cleaning is 10-20 minutes.
    6. In the case of particularly heavy soiling, the engine flush should be added to the oil 1-2 days before the oil change. Then drive approx. 200 km normally but with little power.

Effect of an engine cleaner

Due to the active ingredients contained in the cleaning agent the combustion residues dissolve in the engine. They break down into small particles. At the same time, the detergent ensures that these particles are removed do not deposit againbut kept in the engine oil. While the engine is running for several minutes, the cleaner removes all dirt and residues. After the cleaning process, we recommend using the engine oil in any case to switch completely.

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Brief info: Engine flushing in modern engines?

  • The engine and engine components such as the EGR valve, air flow meter, variable turbo inlet, particle filter, catalytic converter, etc. are freed from contamination.
  • Cars and trucks that drive a lot of urban and short-distance journeys are usually exposed to low combustion and operating temperatures. But even fast journeys on the motorway or regular trailer operation can (especially with diesel) lead to stronger soot contamination. This promotes sludge formation and thus engine and oil contamination.
  • Individual components can become covered with solid deposits over time.
  • The engine cleaner can For example, clean the dirty camshaft again and simply add it to the engine oil when the engine is warm.
  • Special wear protection can be achieved using an oil additive.

Summary "What does an engine cleaner actually do?":

It makes perfect sense to flush the engine when changing the oil. This may prevent major damage to the engine in a simple way and the engine life can be extended. A bottle of engine cleaner with 250ml content is available from 5 - 15 EUR. The amount contained in it is usually sufficient for a normal amount of oil of 5 liters. The time required to carry out the engine flush is also very low. We consider regular flushing of the engine with an engine cleaner to be useful.

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