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Engine cover carbon cover engine cover

Engine covers are a necessity for many reasons. The covers are also referred to as engine covers or engine covers and are almost always available ex works in newer car models. The cover for the engine is made of simple plastic in many vehicles. The motor cover offers many advantages and is also used by car manufacturers to prevent careless tinkering with amateurs' cars. Specialist workshops and workshops specializing in the tuning of the respective vehicle can remove the cover and replace it with an individual engine cover, for example. Alternatively, the factory cover can of course also be modified. And the manufacturers themselves also have a lot in their range. BMW M Performance, Mercedes AMG or the RS department from Audi, for example, sell optional carbon covers and thus offer tuning of the cover ex works.

Engine Cover - What Is It For?

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Depending on the manufacturer, an engine cover can take up most of the engine compartment. In such a case, the car owner can only see openings for the necessary operating fluids and possibly a few add-on parts. Such engine covers quickly prevent the car owner from working under the hood. However, removal is also not a problem for the layperson. An engine cover also has other important functions. The cover also acts as noise protection. The engine cover has a sound insulating effect. Furthermore, it also protects against dirt and at the same time represents a cable protection. Martens have it hard to get to the cables underneath, for example with a hard plastic sheathing.

Engine fairing - individual tuning possible

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And with an engine cover, the engine compartment doesn't get dirty as quickly. Older vehicle models do not have such engine covers, which means that the engine quickly gets dirty and looks unsightly. In the tuning area in particular, a dirty engine compartment is not desirable. Anyone who owns an older car model without engine cowling can have a custom engine cover designed for their car in a professional tuning workshop. The engine cover, like the part ex works, can only protect some engine parts or occupy the entire engine compartment. The possibilities for each car should be discussed with the experts in advance.

an eye-catcher and dirt deflector in the engine compartment

Motor covers are available for older vehicle models in the tuning area. The covers can be made individually and installed professionally under the hood. The covers keep the dirt away from the engine and prevent the engine compartment from being cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. When buying an engine cover for an older vehicle, care should be taken to ensure an exact fit. Furthermore, the material is important in the individual design of the motor cover. Under no circumstances should heat build up. However, the cover must also tolerate a certain amount of heat and should also withstand a high-pressure cleaner.

ABS plastics for vehicles ex works

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Engine covers are made from materials that prevent heat build-up. In older diesel models, for example, a foam variant is also used between the engine cover and engine for sound insulation. Variants made of ABS plastic are often used as the engine cover itself. Many cars have such a plastic cover installed at the factory. When designing an individual engine cover for the tuning area, attention is also paid to the design. However, it should be ensured that such covers are suitable for the respective engine area and can be installed professionally. Experienced Tuning Werkstätten employees can provide further information. A simple way of customizing is, for example, painting with a chic Airbrush, Alternatively, there is one foiling makeable. Those who invest a little more also get versions made of carbon, aluminum and even wood, there are special engine covers. It becomes significantly more complex if the cover is larger (or shaped differently) how the original should be. Then there are only special designs that have to be matched to the desired vehicle. Here, too, there are almost no limits to individuality.

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