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How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

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parking heater e1600055505654 How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

Of a Engine heater not only benefits Technology Of your vehicle, but also the Environment, Because Cold starts are neither good for the car nor for the environment. A suitable system for electrical preheating You benefit in several ways from your vehicle engine, because the engine will spared, the inner space will be at a comfortable temperature heated up and the The windshield is always free of ice. Heated windshield wipers or even one Windshield heating is then useless. Even if the temperature tagsüber increases, the nights remain in the winter months bitterly cold and represent an ordeal for your vehicle. With a cold start, the Battery Your car one extreme performance provide. Cold starts also contribute to the Engine wear and to a higher one Pollutant emissions at.

Parking heater as an expensive option

Engine preheater parking heater How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

By retrofitting a Stationary heating system you can put an end to all of these problems. However, retrofitting is a very expensive matter and costs around the without installation costs 1200 to 1500 Euro. The comfortable version of the Engine preheating but not as they warm up the vehicle exhaust eject and for short journeys also Load on the batterye represent.

Electronic engine preheater: function similar to an immersion heater!

A electronic engine heater (not to be confused with one Electric parking heater for the cigarette connection) is the cheaper and more environmentally friendly Alternative to the classic Stationary heating system. These systems are particularly suitable if you have installed a socket in your parking lot and usually with your car only short distances drive. One electronic engine heater This already exists from € 250.

Why are electronic engine heaters more environmentally friendly?

Engine preheater parking heater webasto Eberspaecher 2 How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

It's easy to explain: a cold car produces within the first 30 seconds after starting the same amount of emissions as a preheated engine for a distance of 300 kilometers. The offer to Engine preheaters is pretty big. Popular models are the OWLHeizer OWL-4S, the Ato-green 2201d, which Webasto eThermo Top ECO 20 P and as one of the most expensive, but also the highest quality, alternatives, the Defa WarmUp 1900 Bluetooth. Such a system works similarly to one Immersion heater. The preheater is usually placed in the opening of the Frost plug installed in the engine compartment. This installation method means that the engine heater is removed from the cooling water of the vehicle and can easily heat it. That is why the systems are also popular as Cooling water heating designated. If the device is activated, then the whole motor housing is heated. The system makes the Engine friction when the car starts is significantly reduced and not only leads to a lower one Engine wearbut also to a diminished fuel consumption and Pollutant emissions.

Engine preheater parking heater webasto Eberspaecher How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

Use in the garage is not a problem

Because electronic Engine heater no fuel they can also consume inside the garage be used. This is not possible with a parking heater! Or only if the garage is great is well ventilated, which is seldom the case. The Engine heater is also available as combi boiler. An additional one built into the car heater then takes care of ice-free slices and even charges the battery. Such a device is supplied with electricity, because both the fan heater and the preheater are via a 230 volt power line operated. The system can be installed within 2-3 hours and comes with the Smartphone served. If activated in good time, the system can thus help the engine start more easily, make the interior pleasantly warm and annoying Ice scraping belongs to the past.

Is the engine heater the ideal choice?

Electronic engine heaters are the ideal choice for your vehicle when you have a socket close by and always same parking space use. You consume no fuel and do not cause any additional pollutants. In addition they relieve the battery and protect the engine. They are the ideal choice for commuter and Short distance drivers.

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Engine preheater parking heater webasto Eberspaecher 1 How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

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Two colors dual paint rims 310x165 How engine preheaters can be easily retrofitted!

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