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Engravings on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

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Disk engraving etching laser tuning allows tuev engraving on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

The ideas die Vehicle windows with a Tuning to be equipped are diverse. In addition to various foiling, The Diving or Steaming is also an individual Engraving a possibility. But is it allowed? A more optimal and unhindered Look through the windshield is essential for driving safety. Therefore there are clear legal regulations for the view through the windshield. The Light transmission the windshield must be loud ECE-R43 directive at least 70 Prozent be. This regulation quasi stops Ban for attaching Films toning an der Windshield, as well as the front side windows because the light transmission through the colored film would drop well below 70 percent.

Tints allowed, engravings not!

Disk engraving etching laser tuning allows tuev 2 engravings on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

The situation is different with the rear side windows and the rear window are allowed here type-approved foils be attached when they featured are. Marked foils have a in Germany Wavy line and the European ECE mark. (You can find more about this in our large info report on window tinting) Also for them mounting of slides at the top of the Windshield Exact regulations apply. These must be in the driver's field of vision do not cover up and only have a certain size (0,1 m²). In the case of a 1,20 m windshield, the film should only cover about 8,4 cm of the windshield. (There is more about this in our large information report on Shade at top)

Attention tuning fans - windows & headlights

In the tuning scene are above all engravings very popular on vehicle windows. According to the law, however, these are verbotenas the glass through the engraving weakened will and vehicle safety no longer guaranteed is. Engravings are therefore As a general rule not allowed. It must not be wanton impairment from Breaking behavior of the disc. However, this is the case with an engraving because Material removed becomes. There is also a very clear statement from the TÜV. Quote: Engraving or etching of pictures, figures, symbols, etc. are not permitted. In this case the type approval expires. Only the identification of the windows with the vehicle identification number is permitted. Images and graphics can also be used on glass using Laser technology engraving. However, that is also verboten! A subsequent Engraving therefore represents one unauthorized interference in the type approval of the vehicle and in particular the corresponding component / disc represents

Headlights with engraving?

Of course, the legal regulations with regard to the panes apply also for the headlights of the vehicle. Also here are allowed no engravings, Etchings or that supposedly simple roughening can be used to display various images. Changes to lighting equipment are particularly punished for the main inspection and the new sticker is then denied. In addition, the immediate shutdown from the vehicle. (More information on this in our large headlight tuning special)

Headlight engraving etch laser 1 Engravings on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

Clear rules for repairs

There are now various Repair proceduresthrough which the laminated glass the windshield back to its original state can be brought. However, there are numerous involved in repairs legal regulations to carry. For example, repairs are on Far field of view, a 29 cm wide strip that lies in the middle of the steering wheel, inadmissible. For repairs that outside this windshield area apply less strict rules. The repaired part of the windshield only needs to be returned later clear and translucent be and may no distortion exhibit. Repairs to the Disc outer surface may only be carried out if the Inner pane and the Plastic film between no Schaden have taken. It is also important that repairs are made immediately carried out so that neither dirt nor moisture can penetrate. There are further regulations regarding the Impact point on the windshield. The crater at the point of impact may have a diameter of 5 mm do not exceed. Any cracks in the windshield are also allowed no longer than 5 cm be and can not be to Washer rubber pass. (There is more about this in our large information report on Chip Repair)

field of view windshield car stone chips repair engravings on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

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Disk engraving etching laser tuning allows tuev engraving on headlights and windows! Is this allowed?

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