EOBD - the European counterpart to OBD-2!

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Carista OBD Bluetooth experiences test tuning 2018 4 EOBD the European counterpart to OBD 2!

In the years in which Donald Trump was President of the USA, the Americans were not exactly considered to be pioneers in climate protection. But for a long time before his term in office the state of California was known for its strict emissions laws for gasoline vehicles. That's how it went California Air Resources Board (CARB) - an advisory body that submits legislative proposals to the government to reduce air pollution - in 1988 the stricter emission protection limits as well as for all gasoline vehicles the On board diagnosis (OBD I) one. The OBD is a diagnostic system that is integrated into the engine control unit and is intended to monitor the exhaust-gas-related components of the car. An error lamp (MIL lamp) should indicate any malfunction of the OBD-monitored area. In 1996 the emission protection limit values ​​were tightened again, leading to the introduction of OBD-2 led. Since 1998 there has also been a European version of the on-board diagnosis based on the American OBD-2. Most vehicle manufacturers call this diagnostic system European On Board Diagnosis (EOBDalthough this is not an official name. The EC directive only speaks of OBD. The term is only used to linguistically differentiate it from the American original.

What functions does the EOBD have?

Car Health OBD Tuning Diagnosis Test Report 1 EOBD the European counterpart to OBD 2!

The EOBD should also monitor the vehicle's emissions and alert the driver to any malfunction. This is also done here using special software that is integrated in the engine control unit and monitors the components and systems relevant to exhaust emissions while driving and displays any malfunctions by means of a warning lamp. The workshop can read out the diagnostic system and report the malfunction to a Scan tool transfer. Another function of the OBD is the protection of endangered components such as the catalysts.

The aim was and is "better air quality"!

Exhaust gas measurement shut-off device exhaust smoke e1608449811709 EOBD the European counterpart to OBD 2!

The technical introduction of the European on board diagnosis took place in 1998 with the aim of significantly reducing air pollution from car exhaust in this country. Since 2001, all vehicles with Euro III have to be equipped with the diagnostic system; for vehicles from Euro III, a more stringent driving cycle on the roller test bench and exhaust gas extraction when the engine is started are mandatory for type approval. The manufacturer must grant a five-year guarantee or a guarantee of up to 80.000 km for limit values ​​as well as a guarantee for field monitoring and any product recalls. That is the legal basis for the stricter measures Auto / Oil I program, which includes regulations for air quality improvement, vehicle technology, fuel technology and traffic technology.

The following components and systems are checked by the EOBD:

  • Lambda sensors
  • Secondary air injection
  • ECUs
  • Fuel system
  • Kat heating
  • Catalyst
  • Exhaust gas recirculation
  • Tank ventilation system
  • Misfires, smoothness control
  • Glow system
  • Intake and charge air system

The diagnostic connection of the EOBD must be the DIN standard DIN ISO 9141-2 or the international standard SAE J 1850 correspond. Since 2005 the CAN standardized. In addition, the EOBD connection must be in the Vehicle interiors and be accessible from the driver's seat. The maximum distance to the steering wheel must not exceed 60 cm.

eobd Electronic on Board Diagnostic EOBD the European counterpart to OBD 2!

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