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Register a component with EEC approval? We tell you!

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2020 Ford F 250 Black OPS TUSCANY Tuning Register 9 component with EEC approval? We tell you!

In the course of the European standardization for the approval of vehicle or tuning parts, the EEC approval is of decisive importance. Do you want to know what the EEC approval is exactly? Then we will answer the most important questions about the topic below EEC approval and what you should pay attention to.

What is the EEC approval?

BMW M4 Remus Exhaust Revozport tuning carbon Register 21 component with EEC approval? We tell you!

The EEC type-approval or, more precisely, the EEC type-approval is, strictly speaking, the European version of the general type-approval (ABE), which every tuning fan, car and motorcycle lover is sure to be familiar with. The EEC operating permit enables you not only to install an attachment that has been purchased in another European country and provided with an EEC number, be it for your car, for your motorcycle or for any other motorized vehicle, it also allows you to use it!

Permission except

Do you have TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning component with EEC approval? We tell you!

Of course, even if you have an EEC approval, you have to look very carefully what it contains. Because an EEC approval can also contain conditions, such as the entry of the relevant part in the vehicle documents. In this respect, the EEC approval does not differ from the previous ABE at national level. The only question that arises is how you can recognize any condition contained in the EEC approval, for example if the part comes from Finland and the approval is written in this very language and perhaps not even completely including the main report. The consumer associations have therefore been advocating for a long time that conditions in all national languages ​​should be added to the approval in order to rule out ambiguities and conflicts from the outset.

EEC approval in practice

Translator Translator Foreign Language Enter component with EEC approval? We tell you!

The EEC approval is to be carried for safety's sake, similar to the previous general operating permit. But not in the originalbut in copy. During a check, the comparison between the EEC number in the approval documents can be compared with the number given on the installed part and the legality of the use by the authorities can perhaps be finally checked on site. Is in the registration certificate part I in field "K" the number of EC type-approval already registered, then the officials can maybe with a little luck you can use the number to call up the data of the EEC declaration of conformity. A test center can in any case! So far, the EEC approval also simplifies the use of parts from other European countries, which previously would not have been possible without further ado.

Tip without guarantee: To be carried is actually only part I. the vehicle papers and nothing else. The controlling authority has the burden of proof that the built-in component (e.g. rims) has not been approved. If she is unable to do this during the inspection, she may not simply shut down a vehicle if none obvious defects (grinding suprene etc.) are present. Even when using a wheel / tire combination that has not been approved, it is not allowed to simply shut down if it can be assumed that an entry / acceptance successfully would run. In case of doubt, the controlling authority must note the e-number, record the personal data and, if the wheel / tire combination is not registered, contact the owner of the vehicle.

At the end... For the reasons mentioned above, it is advisable to obtain the relevant EEC approval (at least what is included with the component, unfortunately the provider is not obliged to send anything) to read carefully if possible. If necessary, get help from friends or tuning colleagues if you don't speak the relevant language or use a translator on the Internet. Hopefully you will find out what is in the EEC approval and whether you need to have an entry in the vehicle documents. Then nothing stands in the way of using the part you have installed and you can enjoy trips with your car, motorcycle and Co.

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