External expansion tank on the chassis and an alternative!

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Piggyback expansion tank chassis technology shock absorber 3 External expansion tank on the chassis and an alternative!

The following article is about the topic external expansion tank on the chassis as well an alternative walk. A new damper technology in the coilover kit came on the market last year with the Toyota GR Yaris as an alternative to the external container on the part of KW Automotive (we reported). Specifically, we mean the Clubsport 3-way chassis Three-tube damper. Since the demand for chassis for sporty series vehicles that simultaneously deliver appropriate performance on everyday tracks and racetracks is high, KW has the Clubsport series at the beginning. And for the Toyota GR Yaris mentioned at the beginning, a chassis set was developed that has various technical subtleties and special features. But in the next paragraph we would like to briefly look at the topic first external expansion tank come in, especially for ours Tuning Wiki. What's up with the expansion tank? When is this technology useful and why is it installed? And later we come to that mentioned Alternative from KW.

external expansion tank - the function

Piggyback expansion tank chassis technology shock absorber External expansion tank on the chassis and an alternative!

When and why is a surge tank necessary on the chassis? Often the dampers have to, depending on the vehicle type very short be interpreted. This is the case if, for example, due to the axle geometry, there is simply no more space available due to the design. In this case the surge tank then the task of extracting the oil volume from the working space of the damper during compression "externally" record. However, it has to be said that the technical solution is in chassis for the street is not necessarily standard or even widespread. Normally a "normal length damper". Hence will be external expansion tank only used when it is technical really useful is. In such a case, the so-called sits piggy packas the expansion tank is also called, on the damper or he will mean Hose connection at least coupled to the damper. The necessary pressure stage valves can also be used here im Piggypack can be installed. If a vehicle has installed a chassis with such a Piggypack reservoir, it is mostly because there is simply no space for normal-length shock absorbers.

the Clubsport 3-way chassis from KW

Toyota GR Yaris KW Clubsport 3 way Stand recording External expansion tank on the chassis and an alternative!

But now we come to the aforementioned Clubsport 3-way chassis that without such an expansion tank manages, and still uses very short dampers. For this, the manufacturer KW relies on one Three-pipe technology. The vibration dampers used for this are made of stainless steel and implemented with a new valve technology. By the third tube of the three-tube damper, combined with the special valve technology, the function of the external Expansion tank takes over, this can be done completely the entfall. KW developed the new chassis especially for track day enthusiasts, but also with a near-series vehicle auf der Straße on the way. In other words, clubsport 3-way suspensions from KW are primarily designed for track day use compared to normal road suspensions (including parts certificate). You own an stighter design for perfect performance on the racetrack, but at the same time the flexible, adjustable multi-valve damper technology can also implement a set-up for the road. Each chassis comes with an adjustment manual, which can be used to adapt to the road. In addition, a robust, stepless lowering of the Clubsport 3-way coilover kit is also provided, which in the case of the mentioned GR Toyota Yaris is in the range of 25 to 45 millimeters.

convenient setting and fine adjustment

A special feature of the Clubsport 3-way chassis with Three-tube damper compared to the normal KW Clubsport suspension, the number of low-pressure clicks and high-pressure clicks for the valves is shown. A fine adjustment of low-speed stimuli, e.g. by steering or braking, is done with 13 clicks on the purple setting wheel, directly on the KW -Clubsport shock absorber and rear axle damper. The high-speed stimuli caused by bumps, curbs, transverse joints and the like, on the other hand, can be viewed separately on the golden wheel (responsible for the high-speed compression forces) can be set with 14 clicks. The setting of the Rebound is on the KW Clubsport coilover kit directly on the piston rod made with 16 clicks. This will, among other things the rebound of the chassis. The purple wheel is firmly attached to the rear axle damper. On the front axle, the adjustment wheel must be inserted into the piston rod. the Aluminum uniball bearings Incidentally, on the front axle struts, additional adjustments to the wheel camber and caster for driving behavior in bends are possible.

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