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Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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Automatic fire extinguishing systems tuning Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

Safety first! This thought is probably not the first one that springs to mind the speed enthusiast looking for the next adrenaline rush. But those who value the maximum performance and speed of their vehicle and may have invested heavily in these features should also make sure they enjoy the hard-won results for a long time. Vehicle fires pose a high safety risk, particularly in the case of exceptional loads due to the high temperatures that occur, for example in motor racing. For this reason, the presence of a fire extinguishing system in the vehicle has meanwhile become one of the FIA ​​(the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) in racing prescribed safety device.

Which fire extinguishing systems are there?

Automatic fire extinguishing systems Tuning 2 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

Built-in fire extinguishing systems have a container with the extinguishing agent and associated hose systems that allow leakage of the extinguishing agent in many places in case of fire. Extinguishing systems should be installed both in the vehicle cabin and in the engine compartment. In principle, a subdivision can be made in fire extinguishing systems that work with gas and those that extinguish with foam. Both systems, gas and foam, have advantages and disadvantages.

Extinguishing systems with foam:

Automatic fire extinguishing system foam tuning 2 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

Most manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems in the car use so-called AFFF. AFFF stands for Aqueous Film Forming Foamwhich translates to water-foaming foam. Extinguishing foam has the advantage of being able to be used for fires of various kinds (for those interested: Fires are divided into different classes. Extinguishing foam covers class A - fires of solid substances - and class B - fires of liquid substances). However, the use of foam is not possible without residue and certain substances contained in the foam can cause material corrosion.

Extinguishing systems with extinguishing gas:

Automatic fire extinguishing system Gas Tuning Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

In comparison, the extinguishing with extinguishing gas is virtually residue-free possible. It should be remembered, however, that quenching gas is only suitable for liquid fires, for example for oil or fuels (fire class B). Especially with vehicles, these fires are likely to outweigh. Another advantage of using a gas extinguishing system is that the gas can usually be compressed and the containers thereby made smaller and lighter.

Application in case of fire

Both gas and foam based systems are available as automatic and mechanical variants. In automatic extinguishing systems, the extinguishing agent is usually released when reaching a certain temperature, mechanical systems must be operated by the driver or helping people. For triggering, there are several mechanical devices near the driver and outside the vehicle.

Automatic fire extinguishing system tuning Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

Fire fighting systems are now required in motor sports for safety reasons. However, as far as the StVZO is concerned, caution is required, but most manufacturers already indicate on their pages whether the product they sell complies with the StVZO or not. In any case, it is permitted to carry a conventional fire extinguisher / fire extinguisher ABC eg with 1kg capacity. We hope you the info report to the term Fire extinguishing systems for vehicles from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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Tachoscheiben Tachofolien Tuning Plasma 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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Interior Color spray Interior color spray Tuning 2 e1559115221486 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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R% C3% Bck Mirror Monitor Dashcam Navigation System Media Player android Tuning 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishers for the car!

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Candy glaze finishing tuning rims 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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LugNuzzCover FOLIATEC Review Nippon Tuning 2019 6 e1547721461186 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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Tacho rings Tuning b% C3% B6rdeln 4 310x165 Useful: Automatic fire extinguishing systems for the car!

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  1. My cousin likes to screw around on his car. He and his friends are very fast drivers. Thank you for the tip of installing an extinguishing system in the vehicle for emergencies.

  2. My uncle recently asked me about fire extinguishing systems, but I didn't know anything about it. That's why I'm really glad that I found this post. Next time I see him, I can tell him what I read here.

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