Cool: The Klein-Vision AirCar flying car actually flies!

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Design studies of flying cars are not that new. Most of you have never left the workshop and it is even more rare to see one on the runway. Either the tests and the installed technology were simply too dangerous, the “airplane” project was too ugly, or in the end everything was just too expensive. So many had and have had the dream, but only very few have actually implemented it. But now a Slovak designer and engineer by the name of Stefan Klein has presented a very promising study and, with it, video evidence of fitness to fly. Since his diploma thesis in 1989, Klein has gained experience in the field of flying cars and is now bundling this into a creation called "AirCar". And the flying car could also come straight from the cartoon series “The Jetsons”. Like the Jetson family, the vehicle can switch from road to airplane mode at the push of a button. Much cooler, however, the AirCar wings are automatically extended and stowed away again.

Transformation from car to airplane

Flying car Klein Vision AirCar flying vehicle 2

And the “passengers” can simply stay in the cabin during the process. The video shows the transformation from a car to an airplane. First the tail unit moves backwards to allow space for the wings, then the wings that are laid back move upwards and then move into a horizontal position and unfold. That should probably be the increase from the electric opening of the bonnet, doors and tailgate of a Koenigsegg Jesko. Because it looks incredibly spectacular! For impressive propulsion, a large propeller is built in between the two thick, rearward-facing girders that also hold the elevator. The carriers make the AirCar look a bit like a Lockheed P38 Lightning. Who remembers, that was an airplane in which the poet des Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was shot down in 1944. Only the AirCar does not have the two propellers of the P38.

also as a three or four-seater variant

If the wings are folded in, the flight-driving-stuff even looks relatively similar to a car. However, the fact that another function is built in here cannot be completely hidden. The large tail unit in particular shows that this part can and should not only drive. At the moment, however, there is still no exact information about the drive, which also applies to flight and mileage. But we already know that the two-seater machine from the video should also be available as a three- or four-seater version. There will also be variants with two propellers and a seaplane without a splayed float. Here, too, Stefan Klein gives very specific outlooks. On the website you can see pictures of the planned variants. And then a little technology is well known. The Klein Vision AirCar weighs only 1.100 kilograms and can load 220 kilograms. The drive comes from a 140 hp 1,6-liter BMW engine and the estimated range is around 1.000 kilometers (in the air).

Speed ​​of up to 200 km / h

The engine is sufficient for a speed of up to 200 km / h and the consumption is around 18 liters of fuel per hour. A more powerful engine is already being planned. It is still unclear whether the AirCar will be affordable in view of the horrendous costs to be expected for registration. After all, the creation must be both Cars as well as Airplane be certified. The recently deceased James Bond actors "Sean Connery" and "The Jetsons" would certainly be happy to own the "Klein Vision AirCar". But according to the website, a commercial model with different engine and seat configurations is supposed to be launched next year.

The Klein Vision AirCar is not alone!

The “PAL-V Liberty” flying car can also fly and already has a street legal. It has a folding rotor and can fly like a helicopter with it. The “three-wheeler” manages 160 km / h and drives and flies on petrol and biofuel. According to the manufacturer, the full tank of the PAL-V Liberty should be enough for 1.900 kilometers on the road and up to 500 kilometers in the air. And the moving gyroplane even has a European road approval. Now he should be on the road for a test with folded wings. And further prototypes for flying cars are currently in development. For example last year Boeing and Porsche announced that it is working on a concept of a flying autonomous electric car.

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