Once off the peg, no thanks: Frankenstein vehicles!

Porsche Boxster Frankenstein Toyota GR Supra Megane Swap 2

Autotuning is subject to constantly changing trends! One of the most impressive fads of the scene is undoubtedly the so-called "Frankenstein tuning". Never heard of it? Then it's about time. Because with these vehicles, the basic idea of ​​vehicle optimization really comes into its own. With this type, it is not possible to choose expensive parts from the catalog and have them installed with only the right amount of money in your wallet, because creativity is required here. There are hardly any limits to the imagination, unless you live in Germany, where the next TÜV appointment or the next police check maybe shut down the vehicle.

A wolf in sheep's clothing!

Porsche 911 996 Convertible Corvette V8 12

What is meant by Frankenstein cars are those tuned vehicles that have undergone a particularly extreme conversion. If about a small car like a VW Fox with a V8 engine is equipped, also an extreme Breitbau received and maybe even a particularly extravagant paint job. And a vehicle that was built from two different bodies can also be called a Frankstein car. It is often tuning enthusiasts who sacrifice their free time in order to be able to present a truly unique means of transport. As a rule, however, it is not about investing your money as effectively as possible in order to then sell the car profitably. It's about the core of the tuning. It's about passion. But here, too, the TÜV specifies the scope in which you can move in this country. In any case, as long as you want to move on public roads. Otherwise, whatever you like is allowed.

Examples of Frankenstein vehicles

Marlboro fake Lamborghini Countach widebody V8!

Marlboro Fake Lamborghini Countach Widebody V8 4 310x165

AMG power in the classic Ford Mustang GT Fastback!

AMG Swap V8 Restomod Tuning Ford Mustang GT Fastback Header 310x165

Can that go away? Volvo 240 as crazy Rolls-Royce Skyline!

Volvo 240 Rolls Royce Swap Tuning 3 310x165

For heaven's sake! Porsche 911 Cabrio with Corvette V8!

Porsche 911 996 convertible Corvette V8 6 310x165

Youngtimers (i.e. vehicles that are estimated to be thirty years old) are currently particularly popular for major conversions. The reason for this is that you can keep unforeseen problems a little more in check with the still manageable electronics. Elaborate finishes are also currently popular with tuners. One can Flip-flop paintwork be, which changes color depending on the sunlight or a color scheme that is reminiscent of a zebra, which then gives the vehicle the charm of a safari off-road vehicle. Renovations worth seeing are also those where you only notice on second inspection where hand has been put on. These include, among other things, those who use the foreign interior (Interior swap) of another car. This can "only" be the Golf 3 dashboard in the Golf 2 or more complex conversions such as the cockpit of a vehicle that may have had an accident Porsche Panamera in an old Chevrolet Impala from the 80s.

Audi TT Bugatti Veyron Replica Swap Tuning 1

The beauty of tuning and tweaking the vehicle is that anyone can do it however they want. The word individualism, which is often used, only applies to a limited extent to many vehicle lovers if you see the same spoiler at least three times at a meeting. The Frankenstein conversions are guaranteed to be unique and will be appreciated by anyone who is only a little familiar with the subject. Of course, such refinements sometimes take more money, but definitely more time each time. But the pride in what has been achieved definitely pays off.

1969 Mercedes Benz 280 S Chevy V8 Eurowise Restomod 3

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