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Face Swap: Face Off - The Front Swap on the Car!

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Face Off The Front Swap on the Car Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

The face of your car - Yes, this is not a flat phrase, manufacturers have actually always tried to give their cars a face. Sometimes cuddly and cute like the first one Twingo, sometimes dangerous and with pinched Eyes like the most current models, At least many owners confirm that their own car has a face. And since the car for a tuner is the expression of their own individuality, the desire for a complete front end swap or front end conversion is often so great, until it happens at some point: Previously got the VW Golf II almost overnight missed the Vento front, the Nissan 180SX S13 is sapped on Silvia front without folding headlights and calls itself from there Sileighty and the Opel Tigra A suddenly sports the round lamps of the Corsa B. From the current time, for example, the Audi A3 front on a VW Golf popular and also the BMW E46er with the front of the E39 5er has been seen one or the other times.

VW Eos with the front of the Scirocco

Volkswagen EOS On VFS2 By Vossen Wheels 2 Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

These are all examples of conversions that involve more or less effort. In the end, it all depends on whether the swap also requires sheet metal work and rewiring or whether it is all about screwing fenders, headlamps and front aprons. Conversions in the VAG warehouse often only the latter is necessary because the typical modular and platform system of the multimarking group makes such conversions much easier and tuner almost invites to their VW Golf, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia or Audi A3 a different face miss and care for head scratching the unsuspecting passersby. Although it is not only done by the replacement of the components here, the brand affinity makes such a conversion but in any case easier. Incidentally, this also applies to the Rear swap the rear swap can make for a confusing rear view!

a typical S13 Sileighty tag

Nissan S13 Sileighty Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

An interesting example is also the Nissan 180SX (in Europe 200SX, in USA 240SX), whose standard folding headlamps were only very expensive to replace crash barrier crashes. For this reason, the Drifter in Japan simply built the rigid headlights of the sister model S13 Silvia, they also replaced the fenders and the hood through the Silvia parts and finished the S13 Sileighty (Silvia and One Eighty). This conversion became so popular over time that Nissan even offered a limited number of factory-swapped S1994 Sileightys in stores in 13.

Basically with the swap it is of course to be considered whether the light functions are still given after the conversion, whether the headlight range adjustment (Tip: Everything about headlight range adjustment / retrofitting of headlamp levelers) continues to work, all lamps and housings have an E-mark and whether the newly installed front apron does not cover any important radiators and air inlets. A tight fit of all parts is also a prerequisite for individual acceptance by the inspector. You increase the chances of a successful acceptance significantly by discussing your project in advance with the desired examiner and following his specifications. If you follow this, nothing stands in the way of your cool front swap.

Chrysler 300C with new front

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Face Off The Front Swap Car Tuning Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

Below are a few examples from our tuning lexicon:

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More individuality with a new front grill emblem

Custom Brand Emblem Tuning 310x165 Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

Tuning with consequences - license plate sticker on the car

License Plate Sticker EU License Plate Tuning 310x165 Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

Practical - the backbox for the trailer hitch!

Backbox rearbox tuning 2 310x165 Faces replacement: Face Off The front swap on the car!

Rare modification - roof / roof spar fairing on the car

Roof Roof Frame Fairing Tuning Carbon 2 310x165 Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

Less weight with a carbon lightweight door trim

Carbon Door Blades T% C3% BC Trim Tuning 4 310x165 Face Swap: Face Off The Front Swap on the Car!

Retrofittable - the trailer hitch for the vehicle!

% C3% A4ngerkupplung starr schwenkbar nachr% C3% BCsten tuning e1571834758347 310x165 Face Exchange: Face Off The front swap on the car!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Face swap: Face Off The front swap on the car!

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