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Arm yourself against oblivion with a tank cap tape!

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Tank cap a plastic nose bracket 5 Use a tank cap tape to protect against oblivion!

Over 48 million vehicles were registered in Germany at the beginning of 2021, a new high. The number of registered cars has been increasing since 2008. In addition to the reasons why they are driven on the roads, each of these cars also has numerous functions and necessities integrated that drivers must always fall back on. This includes, if it's not exactly a Stromer, that too Refuel. But it happens again and again that vehicle drivers unscrew the cap while refueling and then afterwards let it lie. This in turn represents a safety risk for both vehicle occupants and other road users.

Tank cap tape against oblivion

To prevent this from happening so often, many car models have Tank cap straps attached to the tank cap, which should prevent it from being left lying around or falling off. However, such tapes sometimes tear or were not even installed on older models. So that car owners do not have to do without this feature, tank cap straps can be used can be retrofitted. In some cases, a defective or missing tank cap tape is even an exclusion criterion in order to successfully pass a TÜV inspection. Torn or porous ligaments should in principle always be exchangedif one was installed beforehand.

Tank cap on the roof Arm yourself against oblivion with a tank cap tape!

Exchange as a security aspect:

It is often the case that a gas cap tape cannot be replacedwithout replacing the entire closure. Consequently, as a vehicle owner, you have to bite the bullet and have this done by a specialist workshop. Self-dismantling and self-assembly is not recommended for safety reasons, not only when the tank is full. However, it is not a real science either!

Repair tank cap tape retrofit e1626785621610 Arm yourself against being forgotten with a tank cap tape!

The exchange or that upgrade you should always keep an eye on the costs and compare the prices at regional workshops. If the complete closure is replaced, it is not recommendableto rely on used parts, as these may have been unprofessionally dismantled and no longer leak-proof. It should be checked regularly that the tape is connected to both the lock and the tank door / vehicle. Due to the regular stress on the tank lid tape when opening and closing the device, material fatigue can occur unnoticed over time. In everyday life, unfortunately, many of us do not always have the leisure to control such simple things, a reckless mistake that will take revenge at some point.

When buying a new car, buyers should make sure that a Fuel cap tape is pre-installed. Especially when you are in a hurry in everyday life and have to refuel quickly, the tape ensures that the fuel filler cap does not remain on the roof or the pump. Well-known car brands have integrated the brackets in all models. The extent to which classic tank cap straps still have a future remains to be seen, as more and more consumers are turning to electric cars. Although built-in charging devices for e-cars usually have to be protected, they are designed differently. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that these charging sockets will be designed completely differently at some point.

Repair tank cap tape retrofit installation e1626785699125 Arm yourself against being forgotten with a tank cap tape!

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Retrofitting recovery points Recovery points Tuning 7 310x165 Arm yourself against oblivion with a tank cap tape!

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