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More comfort! Install the garage door opener afterwards?

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Garage door opener retrofitting radio hand transmitter More comfort! Install the garage door opener afterwards?

Many people have an automatic garage door with a remote control. This is often loosely lying around in the car, but there is the option of installing it in the vehicle. Depending on the system, the manufacturer of the garage door usually provides a small remote control, which is included in the scope of delivery. But there is also the possibility to open the garage door using a smartphone and the more cumbersome variant is probably the one on the garage door itself by entering a code. The system is best integrated in the vehicle. Many do the installation themselves or have a specialist workshop.

Installation of the garage door opener

Garage door opener retrofitting radio hand transmitter 2 More convenience! Install the garage door opener afterwards?

First there is the simplest way to install a garage door opener in the car. Simply stick the remote control with an adhesive or with a Velcro strip to a place in the interior and you're done. Although this serves the basic purpose, it often does not look nice and is difficult to remove without residue. It gets a little more complicated if you disassemble the remote control and reinstall the components in the center console of the car. This is often very complicated because you may even have to solder parts. And then there is no guarantee that everything will work, that the batteries can be replaced regularly or that it will visually integrate into the interior of the vehicle. Some cars already have the extra equipment ex works to have a garage opener installed directly. This is often a feature on a display on the roof and looks much better than a self-made garage opener. Coupling with your own garage door usually runs smoothly and works reliably.

Garage door opener retrofitting radio hand transmitter 3 More convenience! Install the garage door opener afterwards?

There are absolutely no legal concerns here, as it does not distract the driver or impair the functions of the car. There are also no security restrictions. In addition, as already mentioned, it is installed in some vehicles directly from the factory and these could not be delivered if there were legal concerns. With a stand-alone installation, basically all cars are suitable, since the opener is in no way related to the car. Many people do the installation themselves or have it installed at a workshop because they are fed up with their garage opener lying around loosely and because they always want it ready. An independent installation requires sufficient knowledge that can be acquired using the Internet or books. If you are not sure that the installation can be carried out without problems, you should contact a specialist. When you start with the installation, there is practically no going back and you have to pull it through. Fixed installation is worthwhile if you open or close your garage door every day and need it. But it is not worth it if you rarely open the gate and if you don't use the opener too often. Because then the installation costs too much and is unnecessary.

Factory retrofitting is possible

The yard gate or garage remote controls, for example from Volkswagen, are available ex works as a so-called “home link” variant. An elegant solution ex works that can also be retrofitted. The system is integrated into the driver's sun visor and has an adaptive transmitter on board. He can control up to three different "door openers". The retrofitting of the original VW part is possible for the VW Eos, Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta or the Passat, for example. New vehicles such as the Audi e-tron have built the control into the infotainment. There is a complete set as a "HomeLink garage door opening" for retrofitting. The system is taught to the garage system thanks to the programmable radio remote control. It then enables garages and exterior gates to be opened and closed directly via infotainment.

universal opportunities from third parties

In addition to the significantly more expensive retrofit solutions ex works, there are also various options for fixed installation from third-party suppliers. One of the cheapest and visually appealing is the variant for the cigarette lighter. Such a transmitter is often tied to special garage door operators and is not always freely programmable. The variant is always at hand and is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter. It is controlled at the push of a button and the power supply runs directly from the cigarette lighter without a battery. In conclusion, the fixed installation of a garage door opener is a very good thing to prevent the loss of the remote control. Some remote controls are so small that they quickly fly out of the vehicle with a pack of handkerchiefs or other rubbish when cleaning the vehicle. This cannot happen with a permanently installed variant.

Garage door opener retrofitting radio hand transmitter 4 More convenience! Install the garage door opener afterwards?

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