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More show than good: a cover for the door lock!

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Door lock cover Cover door lock damper More show than benefit: A panel for the door lock!

You have just received our report Cover for the door catcher read where we also briefly on the possibility of covering the door lock received? Are you looking for a door lock cover for your car? The cover should be high quality and suitable for your car? Then we can help you. We explain to you below what you should pay attention to when buying a door lock cover. Furthermore, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of such coverage.

Door lock cover - what's that good for?

Door lock cover Cover Door lock damper 2 More show than benefit: A panel for the door lock!

A door lock cover for the car is available in many variants. The term door lock cover is also used for various articles. Under the term appear in the search engines both covers and buttons for a car door lock and covers that allow a quieter closing the car doors. Both article variants are known in the tuning sector and can be purchased in different versions. Items that directly cover the door lock are available for the driver's side, passenger side, the rear doors and also for the boot. In tuning workshops you can specifically ask for suitable copies for your car. Even dealers of well-known car brands can provide suitable covers for car door locks. Door closure covers are available in many different colors and are usually made from high quality materials. The covers are available on the Internet or in a specialist workshop. Which advantages and disadvantages the individual variants of door lock covers have will be answered in more detail below.

Covers for car door locks

Door lock cover Cover Door lock damper 3 More show than benefit: A panel for the door lock!

If you are looking for a cover for your door lock and at the same time a cover for the Handle on the car door you will find it on the internet as well as in tuning workshops. The covers are particularly interesting for cars with central locking and protect the lock and handle from wear or dirt. However, these are two fundamentally different things. However, the common search terms often cause confusion when both products are displayed. The covers for the door lock are often available to match the color of the car or can be chosen in a different, preferred by you color or carbon, chrome, etc. When buying such a cover you should pay attention to high quality materials and matching items. In a tuning workshop you can be helped to find the right article. Because it must ALWAYS be ensured that even with a door lock cover the car door closes easily and can be opened without problems again.

Door closers are not recommended

If car doors are closed too tightly, they usually close with a corresponding bang. This is the case, especially with older car models. In order to reduce the volume when closing a car door, covers for the door lock can be used as so-called door closers (Door lock damper, lock damper etc.). The covers you can get suitable for all car doors and you have a large selection in the network. However, these dampers are direct on the door lock (the fishing hook) and they can affect the mechanism. Reason enough that we neither show a picture nor make a recommendation here. And of course, the door closers come as an attachment for the door lock from China where there is known every scrap. While we find the small cover for the door lock holder quite sensible and visually chic, we strongly advise against a cover / cover for the closure. If you do not know which cover fits, then you can consult a tuning workshop. So when buying a door lock cover make sure that it can be easily installed and does not surround the catch hook. There are covers available that do not require removal from the lock, but can simply be plugged. Car Door Lock Covers protect against rust.

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Door lock cover Cover Door lock damper 4 More show than benefit: A panel for the door lock!

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