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Is glass coating on car windows banned in this country?

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Glass Coating Floating Steaming Windows Tones Tuning 1 Is glass coating on car windows banned in this country?

Tinted window panes are not only an eye-catcher, they also offer numerous advantages. There are different ways to darken the windows of the vehicle. For example by means of Window film or with so-called Front panels. But there is also another possibility. And by means of SteamingAlso Glass coating called. In this article we explain what is known as glass coating, reveal what techniques to Tinting of the vehicle windows Can be used whatever the sounding about kostet and how the test centers TÜV, Dekra, KüS & Co. feel about it.

Overview of common techniques

Glass Coating Floating Steaming Windows Tone Tuning Is glass coating on car windows prohibited in this country?

To the windows of your vehicle later zu sound, are, as already mentioned, now available different Variants. Are very popular special foilswhich in the application of the Car wrapping resemble. A slightly more expensive variant is that exchange of the existing car windows. With this variant, the original discs by (if possible at the factory) tinted glass replaced. Another option is the so-called Glass coating. With this one in Germany, however illegal procedures the discs are made of a special color mixture sealed / vaporized. Should you subject the windows of your car to this procedure, you should expect that you will no acceptance by TÜV get.

How does glass coating work and why is it illegal?

Glass Coating Floating Steaming Windows Tones Tuning 2 Is glass coating on car windows banned in this country?

This tint variant of car windows is often also called "Floating" designated. In German the technology is "Floods" called. The discs are either with a special Polyurethane dispersionto Mix water and Acrylic, steamed or alternatively in a basin with colored liquid submerged. You should use the windows of your car Glass coating will treat your vehicle no TÜV approval receive. No matter what some providers say on the net. And even if such a provider has an auditor on hand who can handle this variant of the Window tinting, so it has to be in the event of an inspection not legal . Special reports, other examiners or - in case of an accident - the Insurance, can they to question alleged legality and have it checked again. In this case you can possibly rely on the examiner who Has made entry, loads of trouble and eventual fines to a Refusal to pay through the insurance are very likely.

But why is glass coating now banned?

According to information from the TÜV, for each einzelne, by means of Glass coating tinted Disc a Laboratory examination be made. A individual acceptance through the usual devices is due to a lack of certification not possible. Thus there is glass coating according to StVZO within Germany can not be permitted and you would be illegal if you opened the windows of the car in this way sound to let. So think carefully what shape the tint you want to use for your windows so that you can later be on the roads of the Federal Republic safely and without problems.

But an appraisal for steamed windows?

Glass coating Floating Steaming Panes Tones Tuning 3 e1609750814866 Is glass coating on car windows prohibited in this country?

Currently there is on the net 2 companies, which beide allegedly "as the only company in Germany“Offer the possibility of the vehicle windows also in the front area in a legal way mittels Glass coating zu sound. After the tint, both companies promise that in addition to the darkening, they will also do that Gutachten gets that one needed to get the approval for the modified discs. It's supposed to be a real expert opinion from TÜV and an Expert opinion for granting the individual permit according to §15 FTV to be delivered. But even when that is possible almost every current vehicle has a tint ex works the maximum 30% Darkening / sun protection corresponds. Legally, a disc in the front area must be after the Directive ECE-R43 at least 70% Light transmission show. Further steaming ensures that this value is not reached. Have the factory front side window for example 77% light transmission, then the steaming should only another 7% be to be legal to stay. If these 7% Justify the effort and are visible at all, that can hardly be doubted.

Spray to tint the windows

By the way: A discussion about a Spray for tinting of the discs (Window tinting spray) can be completely forgotten right away. In the rear area side windows and the rear window is the eventual Steaming / flooding in certain circumstances registrable. There used to be one for such sprays Clearance certificate to individual acceptance. The examiner then applied his seal and that's it. These are trouble-free times however over. We are up to date none Possibility known such a spray legal on any Windows on the vehicle to be allowed to raise then by means of individual acceptance be legal to use it on the streets. The cool style more diverse US vehicles with all around darkened / steamed, windshields and side windows give up legal way this country can not be !

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