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No more squeaking - graphite paste / oil on the vehicle!

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Graphite paste Graphite paste Brake Auto Tuning No more squeaking graphite paste / oil on the vehicle!

Graphite paste is a grease that is also often used in the automotive sector. The grease can guarantee the functionality of machine parts at high temperatures and high pressures and is therefore used in many areas. Where the graphite paste can be used in the automotive sector is explained in more detail below.

Grease for functionality

Ceramic paste Plastilube Brake Auto Tuning 3 No more squeaking graphite paste / oil on the vehicle!

Machine parts that are exposed to high pressures and temperatures require lubricants that ensure functionality. For this, graphite pastes as well as others lubricant used. Which lubricant can be used depends on the machine parts and the loads to be expected. Graphite paste itself is usually made from pure and fine graphite. As a pasty grease, the substance can be applied quickly and easily and ensures easy assembly and disassembly of the treated parts.

Areas of application for graphite pastes

Graphite paste Graphite paste Brake Auto Tuning 2 No more squeaking graphite paste / oil on the vehicle!

The pastes are used in many areas and can also be used by hobbyists. Graphite pastes are primarily used in metalworking and for machines that generate high pressures and temperatures. Rolling bearings and other bearings that run slowly can be lubricated with graphite paste. The paste is also used on movable metal parts in the automotive and bicycle sectors. Squeaky doors can be treated with graphite paste. Graphite pastes are commercially available which can be used universally and have a corresponding product description. Before buying, the interested tuner should make sure that the paste is suitable for its purposes. Tuning forums also talk about the appropriate lubricating paste. Graphite pastes become thinner as the temperature rises. A thin graphite film is created which is present on the surface of the treated machine parts. Oils containing graphite are not only used for lubrication, but can also be used, depending on the oil, for loosening rust.

Graphite should be of high quality

Universal graphite agents, such as graphite oils, should contain special additives and high-quality graphite. Heat and pressure resistant lubrication should be possible. Temperatures of up to 400 ° C should be able to withstand oil or paste. It is important that oils and pastes that contain graphite are silicone-free and do not gum up. In tuning forums you can read that agents containing graphite are used, for example, on the wheel hub and its contact surface. However, the paste is used very thinly there. Before use, the hobbyist should know whether other lubricants are not better suited for the automotive part.

Use of lubricants containing graphite

Graphite pastes and graphite oils should be applied thinly and some application instructions state that a short flash-off time makes sense. If rusted compounds are loosened with the paste, the paste should act for a time before the rusted compound is loosened very carefully. With heavily rusting parts, the application may have to be repeated several times. Before using lubricants, specialist retailers should ask for the right agent. A reliable multifunctional oil for the lubrication of moving parts prevents annoying squeaking noises. A graphite multi-oil is a versatile cleaning and care product. It protects against rust and moisture and prevents material wear. If you want to keep the brake caliper sliding caliper in place and have no suitable means at hand, graphite grease or a graphite spray can be the alternative.

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Brake lubricants Lubricating paste 3 e1580795897175 No more squeaking of graphite paste / oil on the vehicle!

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