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H-mark - regulations for the classic car registration

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BRABUS Classic restored Mercedes vintage tuning 2018 9 H license plate for classic car registration

In the case of classic cars, the expert opinion is decisive; it decides whether the vehicle becomes an investment or remains a memento. The report is also a prerequisite for the H mark - if you don't have one, there isn't one. And only vehicles that are considered to be cultural assets that are worth preserving get that. You can find out below what criteria must be met for this. Classic for an H mark, as the name suggests, it is a H owns at the end of the license plate. The H in mark stands for historical. In general, vehicles that are older than 30 years and have been restored almost to original or expertly, the H-plate. But they have to be classified as historical. The advantage of an H-mark is, among other things, the lower tax burden. But not only because of the low tax, the H-mark is popular.

the H-mark for the Oldi

H license plate Oldtimer requirements H license plate Regulations for classic car registration

Attention, not every vehicle is allowed as a classic car. The condition has an essential influence on the report. These checkpoints should be checked before a way to the expert: Are there any technical defects on the vehicle that make the vehicle unsafe according to StVZO? If there are, how strong are the traces of use? Are existing ones appropriate? Are missing components available? Can one recognize an improper accident repair? Or have accidents not been completely resolved? Is the vehicle in the original state or in a state of the art? Authorized for issuing the report for the H-mark are officially recognized experts or test engineers of TÜV. All you need for this is as in the HU the Zulassunsbescheinidung Part I (the vehicle registration).

Tip: By the way, the H-requirements are for a historic mobile home identical. Everything you need to know is available in our article H license plate for the motorhome? It is important to note that!

BRABUS Classic restored Mercedes vintage tuning 2018 6 H license plate for classic car registration

Requirements are made for the report to the vehicle. These requirements are specified in the guideline according to §23 StVZO. In this guide, equipment, condition, technical readiness and overall condition are checked. But what about renovations including tuning? These are recognized if they are typical and contemporary for the vehicle (or a contemporary test certificate is available) are. In fact, this means that these conditions are met if the tuning measure is completed within 10 years of the vehicle being first registered. There is more HERE, If the vehicle meets the conditions, you can register a vehicle for re-registration at the Road Traffic Office.

Apply for the H-mark

Stanced BMW 2002 Japan 1 16 H registration provisions for the classic car registration

If you have received the opinion that your vehicle is a motor vehicle cultural asset, you can apply for the H license plate at the Road Traffic Office. The following information must be provided to the Admission Board: Both part I and part II registration certificate (i.e. vehicle registration document and letter). You also need the report and the TÜV report from the last general inspection. If the vehicle has not been shut down, you will also need your license plate. Current proof of an existing liability insurance. A SEPA direct debit mandate to collect vehicle tax. Official identification (ID card or passport). If you have reserved a license plate you also need a reservation confirmation. Then nothing stands in the way of the popular H license plate. (There is a lot of information on the subject of H license plates in our special)

1981 Toyota G45 S Land Cruiser Restomod Tuning 96 H license plate provisions for classic car registration

The most important properties for an H license plate:

  • The car must be at least 30 years old
  • the car must be in good condition
  • everything has to fit under the car too
  • Cars must be roadworthy
  • Import cars have to prove the first registration abroad
  • there is always a main inspection (HU)
  • Import vehicles receive a full acceptance
  • Vehicles with patina and / or celebrity previous owners (James Dean & Co.) can also be classified as automotive cultural assets
  • contemporary tuning is allowed (old brochures or photos can be an advantage during the demonstration)
  • Depending on the test organization, an expert opinion costs between 150 and 200 euros (plus approx. 30 euros for new license plates and 30 euros for the license plates)
  • for large-volume engines and old diesels, the flat-rate classic car tax of 191,73 euros per year is often cheaper (rather not with a small car or motorcycle)
  • Classic cars with G-Kat and Euro 2 classification are cheaper without H-plates
  • Classic car registration does not necessarily increase the value
  • PS: These optimizations can be carried out on the classic car without endangering the H license plate and our contribution "The right license plate for historic motorcycles?“Also provides information about the H license plate for bikes.

BRABUS Classic restored Mercedes vintage tuning 2018 47 H license plate for classic car registration

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  1. I find your evaluation tool very practical! This gave me a good idea about the value of my classic car. I would like to sell it and inform myself about the subject in order to determine the right price. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your contribution to the H license plate regulations. My aunt bought a vintage car and would now like to order an individual license plate. Good to know that the H in the license plates for classic cars stands for "historical".

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