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Driving a car even with a handicap - the hand throttle on the vehicle!

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Hand throttle Thumb gas Locking gas Conversion Driving with handicap, hand throttle on the vehicle!

The "hand throttle" is a control element for the engine power of the car. It is like an extension of the gas pedal and it is operated by hand. Hand throttle controls are located on the steering wheel or near the steering wheel (for example, on the center console). There are different types. Handgas can be designed as a lever. This is equipped with an up-down movement or a back-to-back movement. Another design is the throttle grip, also called rotary or winding handle. And as a further design, hand throttle is also possible as a thumb throttle. Anyone who chooses the lever design of handgas, must know that both throttle and brake can be controlled by this lever. In terms of how it works, the power is transferred from the hand to the pedals in a purely mechanical way. In most cases, the lever design of handgas is such that the lever must be turned clockwise to accelerate. If you want to brake, the lever is pushed forward. The movements of the hand, which are applied to the respective hand-throttle design, are transmitted reliably and gently to the pedals. It is also possible to give gas permanently. In this case, the hand throttle must be coupled with a cruise control. This newer vehicle model from the middle class often have standard on board.

Ideal for people with disabilities

Hand throttle Thumb gas Locking gas conversion2 Driving with handicap, hand throttle on the vehicle!

Handgas is a matter of course in cars can not be fitted as standard. Cars can also be retrofitted with such an operating element. This variant is used for vehicles that physically disabled people help to get more independence again. This is especially true for disabled people whose foot or leg movements are restricted or totally failed due to paraplegia. People can not use the pedals for gas and also brake and clutch in the traditional way with their feet. The manual gas installation therefore usually takes place in vehicles with automatic transmission. The retrofitting of hand throttle offers people with disabilities a lot of safety and enables them to drive even with a disability. Thanks to hand throttle, there are virtually no limits to mobility. For many disabled people, thanks to the possibility of retrofitting the hand throttle, life is again a bit more liveable.

Every car is convertible

Today it is possible to convert almost every car with hand throttle. The size does not matter here. It is therefore possible to convert both a van, as well as a small car or a super sports car. Basically, it is easier to convert cars with automatic transmission as cars with manual transmission. And the conversion to handgas can also be undone at any time. This also allows those who have opted for a conversion to always buy a new car and the old one Sell ​​the vehicle as normal to be able to.

TÜV & DEKRA have to decide

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Driving with handicap the hand throttle on the vehicle!

The legal framework for the conversion to handgas are tight and rather cumbersome. Thus drivers with disabilities the driver's license and keep is a medical report by a specialist and also a medical-psychological report on fitness to drive (§ 11 FeV para. 2) indispensable. Even a suitability report for driving a vehicle (§ 11 FeV para. 4) by DEKRA or TÜV is required. The inspection bodies propose necessary conditions in this report to the approval authority. These are then almost always deposited in the driver's license. Starting with the simple wearing of glasses, about the use of one steering wheel knob until the driver's license with modifications such as the hand throttle information is then stored in the driver's license.

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Hand throttle Thumb gas Locking gas conversion 3 Driving with handicap the hand throttle on the vehicle!

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