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Safety with a hands-free system in the vehicle!

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Wanted car handsfree? Then you should consider a few factors before you buy a speakerphone. For example, there are different attachment or installation options for a hands-free car kit. While the installation may be different, the hands-free devices also have things in common with regard to establishing a connection, for example with a smartphone. Below, we will discuss the installation and connection methods of a handsfree device.

Hands-free systems - installation type

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If you want to install a speakerphone in your car, then you have the choice between different mounting options. You can purchase hands-free kits that attach to the cigarette lighter while serving as a small radio transmitter. You also have the opportunity to buy free intercoms that can be attached, for example, to the ventilation grille, to the sun visor or by adhesive, otherwise in the interior of the car. Another option is the steering wheel. The latter systems are sold as steering wheel hands-free devices. Furthermore, there are still vehicle-specific hands-free kits, which are each offered as a retrofit kit for certain vehicle types. As an example, a VW handsfree can be called, which can be operated by touch screen and is sold including matching cable set. The attachment is also vehicle specific. Tuning workshops and authorized repair shops can help with the setup if necessary.

Speakerphone - connection type

Bluetooth 5.1 tuningblog handsfree security with a speakerphone in the vehicle!

The aim of a hands-free system is usually that you can make phone calls freely without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. Furthermore, a hands-free system is intended to create a legal possibility to make phone calls while driving. The connection from the mobile phone to the hands-free system is mostly made via Bluetooth. When buying a hands-free kit, you should therefore pay attention to Bluetooth compatibility. A connection by means of a cable is rather unusual and very cumbersome these days. Modern Bluetooth standards are Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.0. "Older Bluetooth standards" under 4.0 are no longer recommended. Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.0 systems are mostly backwards compatible. However, it should also be ensured that the mobile phone can connect to the Bluetooth band in the hands-free system. The manufacturers usually state the system and Bluetooth compatibilities in the product descriptions. Furthermore, when buying, you should make sure that several devices can be paired. How many devices can be paired per hands-free system is usually specified in the product description under the item "Pairing". There it is also indicated whether the speakerphone is in dual mode (Connecting 2 phones at the same time) or has a single mode.

Hands-free speaker - where does he get his energy from?

Hands-free systems for the cigarette lighter or for 12V connections, accordingly draw energy via the vehicle battery. Even systems that are vehicle-specific, usually have cables that allow easy connection to the power circuit of the vehicle. If this does not work for your car, then you can also choose a speakerphone with rechargeable battery (lithium-ion battery). Pay attention to the purchase of a battery system but on a long battery life. Over time, you will find that you are thinking less and less about the hands-free kit as it is a daily part of your car, and so you are less and less concerned with regular charging. In addition, you also get speakerphone with radio function, charging function for other devices and many other useful features for your vehicle.

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  1. Thank you for this information about hands-free equipment. It is true that this makes driving safer, because you no longer have to take your hands off the wheel to make a phone call. In my new job, I also have to talk to customers a lot, which is why I am considering building such a system in my car.

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