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Meaningful investment: Heat protection spray for the car

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Heat protection paint Exhaust paint Exhaust spray 4 Meaningful investment: heat protection spray for the car

A heat protection from the spray can or from the can for painting? It does exist! You can protect individual parts of your car from heat and apply a special heat-protective varnish. There are various paints that help to protect high-stressed engine or attachments from high temperatures. What advantages you have, if you apply a heat-protective lacquer and for which parts the lacquer is suitable, you will find out in the following article.

In which form is the paint available?

Heat protection paint Exhaust paint Exhaust spray 2 Meaningful investment: heat protection spray for the car

If you are looking for a good heat protection paint for the car, then a heat protection spray is generally best. You can even buy the spray in different colors. In addition, there are various spray can attachments to simplify the work. Alternatively, there is paint for painting. He has the advantage of being able to be applied a little thicker. Basically, however, there are no significant advantages or disadvantages of the two methods.

Why advisable to apply heat-protective paint spray?

Heat protection paint Exhaust paint Exhaust spray e1574743524944 Meaningful investment: heat protection spray for the car

Various parts of the exhaust system and the engine area are exposed to high temperatures. The high temperatures set the materials, in combination with water, road salt, pebbles and other weather conditions, and lead to a faster part wear. You can minimize wear by applying a high-quality paint.

To which car parts apply?

A heat protection spray with a temperature resistance indicator up to 300 ° C you can apply to heat sensitive parts in the engine compartment, also for two-wheeler exhaust systems, the heat-protective coating is ideal. The higher temperature resistance displays are suitable, for example, for the application on elbow or other parts of the exhaust system that reach 300 ° C. Decisive here is also the engine and the exhaust system. Is the vehicle in the serial state or has become a performance increase performed. And one too Sports exhaust system can be much hotter compared to a standard system.

What is important about the heat protection paint?

Make sure that you buy a protective car paint for the corresponding auto parts. There are sprays that can withstand 300 - 650 ° C, depending on the manufacturer. A high-quality paint for heat protection requires hardly any pre-treatment, no priming or post-processing. A good lacquer can be painted over and dries quickly, and it is also extremely tough and durable.

What should you look for in the application?

Heat protection paint Exhaust paint Exhaust spray 5 e1574744017275 Meaningful investment: heat protection spray for the car

If you are about to apply the newly purchased heat protection spray, then you should note that you create a dust-free environment as possible. Many sprays are not suitable for use on synthetic resin painted surfaces. You should make sure that the parts to be treated are free of oils and fats. The application of the spray takes place in the cloister. Slow heating causes the paint to harden. For exact implementation and prevention you can download the manufacturer's safety data sheets. In essence, the application and all the properties of a paint for painting is similar. Here you enjoy the advantage that no mist is created and you can work cleaner.

Manufacturer of high quality heat protection paint?

You can choose between many manufacturers, but you should pay attention to the customer reviews, if you want to buy a good spray or a good paint to swipe. These following manufacturers convince in terms of quality and durability and have been on the market for years: AUTO-K, MOTIP, Gematec, VHT, Hammerite, Taurus. At the end... If you want to maintain and protect your car parts properly, then you can not go wrong with a heat protection spray / paint. Pay attention only to the heat resistance indicator and apply the spray / paint at the appropriate place. You can influence the longevity of the individual parts and achieve maximum benefits with a low cost.

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