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More head thing! Save fuel with a HHO kit?

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HHO Kit save fuel tuning more head thing! Save fuel with a HHO kit?

Who is not angry about the ever increasing fuel prices? In the past, frequent travelers, in particular, spend a lot of time checking off the cheapest petrol station and the most favorable fuel times so that fuel costs can be saved. However, this could be done with the installation of a HHO kit system quite something. Fuel savings of up to 35 percent are possible with this kit. At least that promise the providers.

Fuel up to 35 percent?

Fuel-saving Tuning Magnets refuel More head thing! Save fuel with a HHO kit?

All vehicles with an internal combustion engine can benefit from such a hydrogen kit. Installation is quick and easy. It makes no difference what brand the vehicle is or for what purpose the car is used. In principle, the HHO kit can be installed anywhere. The only disadvantages of such a kit are the acquisition costs and the installation, which incurs costs again if you are not a specialist and cannot do it yourself. Otherwise, according to the manufacturer, the kit only offers positive features because a lot of fuel can be saved. The more you drive, the more it is worth installing the kit. However, the topic is rather ridiculed by many. If you can save 35% fuel so easily, why isn't the system already ex-works? Wouldn't it be great advertising if a Peugeot 208 82 VTI Active with 82 hp consumes only 5,2 liters instead of 3,4 liters? Or when a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium with 95 PS is on the road with consumption of just under 4,6 liters instead of the specified 3 liters! Questions about questions ...

How does it save fuel with the kit?

HHO Kit save fuel Tuning 3 More head thing! Save fuel with a HHO kit?

The providers say: “The HHO kit reduces carbon monoxide emissions by almost 50 percent and is therefore kind to the environment. At the same time, there is an increase in engine torque of around 15 percent. The hydrogen generator can split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The engine sucks these in and uses the gases for its combustion. Hydrogen has a considerably higher calorific value than the fuel that is filled with fuel. In this respect, a certain amount of energy is available. This means that the engine automatically uses less fuel when driving. This also reduces fuel consumption at the same time. The kit turns on as soon as the motor turns. If the engine is switched off, the HHO kit also switches off automatically. Hydrogen is generated evenly during operation. It makes no difference whether a short or long distance is driven. The saving effect works equally well with both alternatives. "

At the end... Who drives many routes and wants to achieve something effective against the high fuel bills, should in our opinion buy a hybrid or choose a smaller engine. The reliable Opinions and results from such a HHO kit are just too vague to recommend unconditionally. The fact is, the hydrogen kits can be installed in all vehicles with internal combustion engine and the operation of the kits is simple and straightforward. Ultimately, hydrogen is released, which should give the running engine more power and lead to lower fuel consumption "Can", The more that is driven, the higher the fuel savings. At the same time, the installation kit pays off if it actually works.

opinions differ

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Workshop cost money retrofit spare parts more headache! Saving fuel with an HHO kit?

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