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The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

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Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

Choosing the right vehicle for the hunt is important. With a van or a chic coupe you should of course not be on the move in hilly or muddy areas. In recent years there has been a lot of fluctuation in the market for off-road vehicles, with some models disappearing without replacement, but other brands have newly established themselves in this segment. In the following article, different variants and options are to be considered in order to offer you the best possible overview.

individual requirements are taken into account

The perfect all-terrain vehicle for hunting purposes exists are not, because every hunter has his own ideas about the vehicle equipment. Some want to be able to use the vehicle in everyday life at the same time, others want an easy-care and robust base that can also be used with dogs and is only intended for driving to, in and from the area home. The topography of the area is of great importance. If it is in mountainous or flat areas, it often is regnerisch or mostly Dry. All of these factors need to be considered when choosing a vehicle.

Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger 2 The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

The market situation has changed fundamentally!

In recent years, the range of off-road vehicles suitable for hunting has changed significantly, and in some cases too reduced. typical robust all-wheel drive vehicles are disappearing more and more from the offer, as they are no longer environmentally friendly and attractive to the masses. In addition, the very pragmatic structure is no longer luxurious enough for the needs of the target group. Most of the vehicles have been further developed from the classic off-road vehicle to the lifestyle SUV, those for hunting purposes, of course ungeeignet are. Most of the vehicles have lost their site portfolio in order to be more attractive in terms of environmental friendliness.

Define the requirement profile for the vehicle in advance

Before starting a market search, it should be clear what requirement the vehicle must at least meet, because only very few will actually be an expensive one intended for extreme terrain Mercedes G or the new one Land Rover L663 need for their hunting ground. In most cases, personal experience with your own area and other vehicles is sufficient to create your own requirement profile. The opinions of fellow hunters can of course be used to further refine the requirement profile, as every experience can be slightly different.

Urban Automotive Land Rover Defender L663 Tuning 22 Inch 6 The right vehicle for hunting? The hunting vehicle conversion!

The question that you definitely have to ask yourself is "How much all-wheel drive“It really has to be. In most cases, an SUV is sufficient for easy to medium terrain without special terrain characteristics completely off. It only becomes difficult in very hilly areas. Normally, it would be a simple one Skoda Yeti, a Suzuki Jimny or even an old Opel Frontera already enough. They are all equipped with all-wheel drive and sufficient ground clearance compared to everyday vehicles.

Reductions and locks for tough use!

If the area is really mountainous paired with difficult conditions, a must real off-road vehicle should be considered, as a normal SUV can no longer compete here. It should be noted that a Switchable terrain reduction is available to cope with any terrain. Although many models are slowly disappearing from the market, the range is still large enough to be able to choose between different models, sizes and price ranges. The one already mentioned is very popular Suzuki Jimny, for example, that is significantly more luxurious and larger Toyota Landcruiser. The market offer between the two models still offers gradations in size and price classes.

Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger Suzuki Jimny The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

Will also Forestry and operational work done, then it should be enough Power be available in order to be able to pull a required trailer. In most cases, one is recommended for this Pick up. In contrast to off-road vehicles, pick-ups are on the rise again and are increasingly replacing them in hard work. It is also advantageous that all kinds of things can be transported on the pick-up's flatbed without the interior being soiled, and as a result, there is often space for up to four people in the driver's cab.

Matching compact off-road vehicles

Who especially value Funktionalität, Transport capacity and everyday practicality but less on comfort, one can do that Compact off-road vehicle be recommended without hesitation. The Suzuki Jimny is a popular example of this. It is comparatively light and therefore has compact dimensions. In addition, depending on the equipment variant, it has one Switchable terrain reduction, which means that it can cope without any problems even on mountainous stretches. In addition, its high maneuverability offers many possible uses in densely vegetated forest areas. However, comfort literally falls by the wayside on longer journeys.

Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger Lada Niva The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

It is even more rustic Lada Niva class, nevertheless it is an absolute classic among the hunting vehicles. The Niva has been technically revised again and again, so that a better brake system and a more robust clutch were installed in the end. In addition, it cannot be undercut in terms of price and is significantly cheaper than the competition. It can also accommodate a maximum of four or five people, but they must be used to minimalist comfort standards.

Somewhat larger, but less suitable for off-road use, there is also a used one Daihatsu Terios 4WD therefore. As a hunting vehicle, it is unrestrictedly suitable, but has no ground reduction. The four-door offers space for up to 5 people and is also significantly more comfortable than the other two models. Due to the higher comfort level, the Terios is rather unsuitable for use in mountainous terrain.

Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 1 The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

The small one is somewhat unusual in this segment Fiat Panda Cross 4 × 4. This is equipped with a robust side paneling, electronic traction control and low weight and is also suitable for heavier terrain. And he has all wheel drive!

Suitable mid-range SUV / off-road vehicle

The general supply is by far the largest in this vehicle class. Most special vehicles are no longer in production or are being phased out. Classic models like the old one Land Rover Defender or Jeep Wrangler but are still sufficiently available on the market as used ones and are ideally suited for hunting. Even the one that is getting on in years Mitsubishi Pajero Inform In addition to off-road use, it is also suitable for everyday use. It can be used without hesitation both in flat land and off-road and is comfortable in both cases.

The common SUVs, in turn, have almost no terrain technologywhat needs to be considered when choosing a vehicle. The selection of vehicles is very large and many models are similar in their portfolio. But not every SUV is really suitable for hunting. Second hand Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V You can buy it on the well-known car exchanges, but they have one too small ground clearance. The first-generation VW Tiguan is much more suitable for use in the district. At that time, a Track & Field equipment variant that equips the Tiguan for easy terrain. And that too Freelander from Land Rover is suitable for light off-road use.

The First generation Dacia Duster, equipped with all-wheel drive, can also be used for easy terrain. The very robust construction and the raw interior are ideal for a hunting vehicle. The Duster does not have an off-road reduction, but it does Manual transmission with extra-short gear ratios in first gear, which means that it can cope well off-road. The interior is large enough to offer space for four or five people in everyday use and also has enough load capacity.

Pick-ups and vans for use when hunting

As already mentioned, the pick-ups are popular in the hunting segment. Above all, the robust construction and the resilient chassis are ideal for the area of ​​application. Both vehicle types cost little. Pick-ups can be used in a much more diverse way, however, as different bodies can be mounted on the flatbed.

Barracuda Ultralight Project X on the VW Amarok 4 The right vehicle for hunting? The hunting vehicle conversion!

The VW Amarok is an example of this. In addition to the generous amount of space, the Amarok has an economical engine. The Japanese competition is a bit cheaper, a used one should be emphasized here Nissan NP 300, which is particularly robust and is a less luxurious and cheaper variant of the Navara. Even the older one Toyota Hillux or the Mitsubishi L200 offer themselves. The use of classic vans among the hunters. However, they are absolutely sufficient in terms of space, but usually do not offer any support in the field. With luck, at least four-wheel drive!

The conversion to a hunting vehicle!

Once you have decided on a suitable vehicle, you may also get a subsequent conversion into consideration. But what does it actually need for the perfect hunting vehicle? Below is some information about the most common components for a real hunting vehicle. The hunter equipment includes one strong winch around the hunted game without much effort in the Game tub over a Dog ramp into the vehicle. Also one lockable gun drawer makes sense. It enables the safe transport of hunting equipment and offers additional storage options. There is also a Transportbox This is an advantage for the hunting dog in order to be able to travel properly and in accordance with the law.

More details are Additional headlights mounted on the hardtop for the illumination of the cargo space and the surrounding area or a Water supply including shower for washing hands and providing the dog with drinking water. Here, too, the focus falls on the popular common pickups like the Ford Ranger, the Volkswagen Amarok or the Nissan Navara. Such a pickup can be equipped with a Stainless steel hardtop with side flaps, one Underrun protection, One Bullbar (with winch system), one Lifting gear, fender Flares, various edge protection, Rock sliders etc. can be equipped. Of course, many components can also be installed on other vehicle types, but in our opinion the optimal overall concept is this Pickup.

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Hunting vehicle conversion Waidmannauto Tuning Jaeger The right vehicle for the hunt? The hunting vehicle conversion!

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