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Ice scraper, ice spray & Co - the next winter is definitely coming!

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Icebreaker Ice Scraper Ice Scraper Disk Ice Scraper, Ice Spray & Co the next winter is coming!

Ice scrapers for the car are a necessity in winter. Windscreen, exterior mirrors and rear window must be free of ice to ensure safe driving. The side windows should also be cleared of ice and snow, at least in front. An ice scraper is therefore an important utensil and should not be missed in a car. There is a lot to consider when buying a scraper. In the following, various model variants are described.

What makes a good ice scraper?

Icebreaker Ice Scraper Ice Scraper Disk 2 Ice Scraper, Ice Spray & Co the next winter is coming!

A good ice scraper must not damage the panes, but should be made of gentle materials. As a rule, plastic is used as a material for ice scrapers. The material protects the windows and is considered to be weatherproof. It can also be used material combinations of plastic and aluminum. The aluminum does not come into contact with the car window. The aluminum is mostly used on the handle or as a telescopic handlebar. An aluminum telescopic handlebar is characterized by durability and low weight. The handle of the ice scraper can also be made of rubber to ensure a special grip. Furthermore, ice scrapers with rubber handles are available in ergonomically designed variants. In addition, rubber is also an insulating material, whereby the hands do not come into contact with cold ice scraper elements.

Which materials are still processed?

Ice scrapers with bronze and brass blades are available in stores. In the case of metals, however, there is a risk that the front screen will be scratched if the materials wear out or have sharp points. In general, bronze and brass materials are very robust. In addition to the material variants mentioned, the structure of the ice scraper can also vary. Models with a knurled blade are available in stores. Many models have, in addition to a smooth blade, another one with a fluted structure. A fluted blade has so-called "ice teeth". These are used to remove or scratch very stubborn ice on the car windows.

Why recommend using a long handle?

The stem length varies with ice scratches. There are small, triangular shaped variants that are not always easy to grip. In addition, variants with ergonomic handles and telescopic handles are available, which can be better touched and held. While the small ice scraper models are often sufficient for private cars, telescopic handles are ideal for large discs. The edge width is also important. It depends on the width of the edge or the blade also on the size of the discs. With a wider blade comparatively larger ice sheets can be removed. The blade width can vary between 10 cm and 15 cm.

Additional functions of ice scrapers

Icebreaker Ice Scraper Ice Scraper Slice Glove Ice Scraper, Ice Spray & Co the next winter is coming!

If you are looking for a handy ice scraper without any further functions, then a simple model is enough. In the trade but also variants are available that are equipped with a rubber lip, a whisk or a glove. A model with whisk is useful in extreme snowfall. You can choose as you wish.

Luxury - an electric ice scraper

Another option is an electric ice scraper. There are devices that are connected to the cigarette lighter be connected to the vehicle and remove the ice by means of heat. In our opinion, these are, but should not recommended because during the scraping the heated blade is unlikely to achieve a significant effect. And that has too ADAC seen this waywho tried it. Another possibility are so-called Ice sprays which work well and as a luxury variant, there are also ice scraper with a small cutter to rid the slices of ice. Here, for example, we have the Kärcher EDI4 are already allowed to test and are absolutely convinced. The cheapest option is probably to defrost the panes with water. Here you should make sure that you only use lukewarm water to avoid tearing the pane due to the extreme temperature differences. The best option against iced windows on the vehicle is and will of course remain the garage. What do you actually have to pay attention to when the vehicle is to be made fit for the dark season? The most important information can be found in our winter check.

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Icebreaker Ice Scraper Ice Scraper Disk 3 Ice Scraper, Ice Spray & Co the next winter is coming!

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