Tuning in detail - the ignition lock cover in the car!

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Ignition lock cover keyhole cover e1580704869439 Tuning in detail the ignition lock cover in the car!

If you want to customize the car, there are many options available for tuning it. Tuning can be done, for example, in the exterior of a car bodykit, One forged wheel or a foiling respectively. Furthermore, the interior of the car can also be changed according to the wishes of the tuner. There are big changes here like Sports seats, one Roll cage or a Sport steering wheel, But also small details. For example on the ignition lock (if still available). One way to customize the ignition lock is a so-called ignition lock cover. The ignition lock cover can be purchased in different versions and for many vehicle models. The advantages of an individual ignition lock cover and what you should pay attention to when buying are explained below.

 Protection and tuning in one

Ignition lock cover keyhole cover 2 e1580704927717 Tuning in detail the ignition lock cover in the car!

An individual ignition lock cover looks good and is available in many colors. Such an article is available in high quality materials such as aluminum, carbon and even wood. The covers are protected from rapid wear and scratches by the key thanks to the quality of the material and perfect workmanship. An ignition lock cover is also called an ignition lock decoration ring and is available in different sizes. The dimensions required depend on the car type. Ignition lock covers for almost all cars are available in various online shops on the Internet. The necessary information, such as dimensions, material and suitable car models, should be included in the product descriptions.

Ignition lock decoration ring - special and durable

Ignition lock cover keyhole cover 3 e1580704989347 Tuning in detail the ignition lock cover in the car!

A decorative ring for the ignition lock is particularly interesting for tuners. The articles are available, for example, from durable aluminum alloy and are very light in weight. The ignition lock covers are intended for car decoration and for individualizing the vehicle. Decoration rings are available, for example, for the vehicle types Audi A8, A6, A4, VW Golf 6 CC and many other car brands and types. However, it should be mentioned here that the majority are older vehicles. Vehicles from year of construction 2008 or newer hardly have a classic ignition lock anymore, but are often activated using the start button and radio signal (Keyless Go) of the car key started. Inserting the key in the ignition lock and turning it over is no longer necessary or even possible with these models.

Illuminated effect for ignition lock cover

The special thing about the decoration rings is not only the different colors that are available. The articles are also available with effects such as a “night effect”. This means that the decoration ring can glow in the dark. However, this only works if enough light has been absorbed. And even then the “glow” only lasts for a certain time. In the trade, for example, variants are available that can light up for about 1 hour. For more detailed information, please read the respective product descriptions.

many different types

Ignition lock cover keyhole cover 2 1 e1581103093388 Tuning in detail the ignition lock cover in the car!

The well-known ignition lock cover is not only available for old ignition lock variants. There are also models for Start-stop-locks acquirable. These can also be bought with the Night Effect (FLUORESCENT). A distinction is made between different start-stop lock styles. For example, the interested tuner can choose between a variant with an off button and a variant without an off button. Before buying, it should be paid attention to the correct model.

What else should you pay attention to when buying?

If you want an ignition lock cover for decoration, you should pay attention to quality materials. Materials such as aluminum or high-quality plastic variants come into question. The decorative rings for the ignition lock are available in many colors. The tuner can select the desired model and individually customize his vehicle. Variants with luminescent effects should consist of pollutant-free materials. Almost all decorative rings are ready for installation thanks to pre-glued double-sided adhesive tape. An individual design lies in the tuning! The ignition lock cover can be decisive for the finishing touch in the cabin or just a small individual change.

of course we tried it out right away

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