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Tuned vehicles are individual works of art that have been manufactured according to the wishes of the owner through performance-enhancing and optical conversion measures. And these “works of art” are not always allowed in public traffic, but can only be driven on private property or at tuning shows. The topic of lighting in particular heats up tempers again and again and many questions arise as to what is actually allowed and feasible. For example, illuminated tailpipes for cars have been available on the market for some time, which are intended to contribute to the individualization of the car. What this is all about and why it is better to only use this lighting on private property is explained in more detail below.

Illuminated tailpipes - what's that good for?

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Various exhaust trims have been available in the trade for some time, which are equipped with LED lighting. If you are looking for something special for your tuned vehicle, you might be right with such an exhaust cover. As a complete panel, the items are made of stainless steel and can be used as a universal component frequently as a normal tail can be screwed directly onto the pipe from the rear silencer. The products are equipped with 12 V LED technology and give the vehicle a sporty look at first glance. The illuminated tailpipes are available in different colors, shapes and diameters. The interested tuner can, for example, buy a blue glowing exhaust cover or opt for a red glowing model.

What to look for when buying?

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When buying an illuminated tailpipe, it should be noted that such a device will not is approved for public road traffic. This fact is usually also mentioned in the product descriptions for the illuminated tailpipes. If you want to use an illuminated tailpipe and only use your tuned vehicle on private premises, you should pay attention to the fit of the car part when buying. Variants with a total length of approximately 185 mm and a diameter of 104 mm are commercially available, for example. Before buying, the inside diameter should be measured exactly. The manufacturers state for which exhaust systems the respective tailpipes are suitable. For example, there are universal items that can be used for exhaust pipes from 40 mm to 60 mm in diameter. When purchasing a simple installation option should be considered. The tailpipe should be attached quickly and securely. Any cables must be kept away from hot components. There are also individual conversion kits for existing tailpipes without LED lighting. In principle, these kits consist of an LED with the corresponding connection cables and, if necessary, a small insert for the tailpipe.

Lighting equipment, such as illuminated tailpipes

Lighting equipment, such as illuminated tailpipes, illuminated valve caps, illuminated Wiper nozzles and other luminous tuning parts are usually for public traffic will not authorized. Before buying, it should be ensured that the approval does not expire and the legal circumstances should be clarified in advance with a test organization. Even if lighting appears to conform to standards, it does not have to be approved for public road traffic. Many of these lights for the tuning area occur in US vehicles and are not suitable for public road traffic in Germany. For tuning shows and for use on private premises, however, this can be something else. A tuning workshop can give detailed advice. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

At the end... If the engine does not manage to make the tailpipe “glow”, then please don't let a foolish LED do that either. For an exhibition vehicle at a trade fair stand that may already have a Unterbodenbeleuchtung or suspension lighting installed, that may be a nice gimmick. But illegal nonsense in traffic! We hope that you the info report on the topic / term LED tailpipes (further names / keywords: LED end pieces, LED muffler) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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