What is an individual operating permit (EBE)?

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An expert opinion is essential for the approval of the vehicle! According to § 13 EC Vehicle Approval Regulation (EG-FGV), an individual approval or individual operating license is required for new vehicles of classes O (Trailer without type approval), N (lorries) M2/M3 (buses) and M1 (cars). The expert opinion required for this is prepared by approved test organizations (Dekra, TÜV, etc.) and specially trained experts who are sent by the technical test center for motor vehicle traffic. If the result of the assessment is positive, new vehicles of other vehicle types and classes can also be granted an individual operating license in accordance with § 21 StVZO. Among other things, this plays a role in the one-off production of special vehicles that do not fall under the regulations of the EG-FGV. If a vehicle imported from abroad does not have an EC type approval, a § 21 report must also be prepared. In addition, the expert or appraiser is required for a § 21 report if various conversions have been carried out on a vehicle for special purposes, structural changes have been made, the operating license has expired or the vehicle has been out of service for a longer period of time.

What is the individual operating permit?

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The Individual operating permit (EBE) is the permit for individual vehicles to operate on the road. The EBE is loud § 21 StVZO for the admission of vehicles to participate in public road traffic in Germany for the following vehicles required:

  • the vehicle is a one-off production
  • if the vehicle has a special purpose and also has various conversions
  • the vehicle itself was self-made
  • if major structural changes have been made according to individual ideas (gas system, chassis, engine, etc.)
  • if the vehicle was imported from abroad without EC type approval
  • if the vehicle is part of a small series
  • the "Certificate of Conformity (COC)" is missing
  • if the vehicle has been out of service (shut down) for 7 years and no certificate of conformity, data confirmation, EBE or at least the old vehicle registration document is available
  • ABE expired because the vehicle was deregistered for more than 18 months
  • the vehicle needs a full report according to § 23 StVZO for a classic car report according to § 21 StVZO

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If the report is positive, the registration office subsequently issues the individual operating permit by issuing the vehicle registration document. If there was no type approval or general operating permit (ABE) for the vehicle, then the Individual operating permit the operation of the vehicle on the road.

Applying for an individual operating permit: the process

  1. Have TÜV, DEKRA, etc. prepare an expert opinion for the granting of the individual operating permit
    – on the basis of EC directives and Section 21 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations / StVZO
  2. go to the admissions office with the following documents
    – Valid identity card/passport
    - Registration certificate part I (if available)
    – Appraisal from an officially recognized test center / technical test center (TÜV, DEKRA)
    – Take money with you for processing (approx. 10-12 €)

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