The ISOVOSS method! What is that, actually?

ISOVOSS method Foaming the construction foam cavity

The ISOVOSS method! What is that, actually? We have some information on that. However, the following times reflect not our opinion against, but are a rough summary of the paperback "Now I foam the car - the cavity stiffening according to the ISOVOSS method“By Klaus-W. Voss that the ISOVOSS method explains extensively: Who retrofits a vehicle secure want to do, he can ISOVOSS method use. The ISOVOSS method is essentially a Cavity stiffening. The cavity stiffening is done by means of Rigid polyurethane foam accomplished. The polyurethane material is poured into the cavity and that's it. The method is possible through the use of ready-to-use two-component polyurethane foam. The method is intended to increase the safety of the driver and front passenger.

ISOVOSS method - cavity stiffening

In the ISOVOSS method, two-component polyurethane foam is introduced into the vehicle cavity. The foam will, however not everywhere introduced, but should if possible only in the cavities of the Vehicle sidewalls and Doors to be introduced. The introduction of the foam should make the car safer for the driver and passengers.

ISOVOSS method Foaming the construction foam cavity 2

Passenger compartment is important for occupant safety!

The passenger compartment must be particularly well protected and should function like a tank from the point of view of protection. The passenger compartment should offer the driver and front passenger a high level of protection in the event of an accident. Experts therefore demand that the passenger compartment in the event of an accident or impact is not deformed. The materials of modern passenger compartments are very robust and shouldn't be deformed quickly. In the event of an impact, however, a lot of energies are released that have to be absorbed. Using the ISOVOSS method, resilient two-component polyurethane foam is inserted into the side cavities. This "buffer" has a shock-absorbing effect. In the event of an accident, impact forces are released and the foam can distribute them over the surface. The consequence of the absorption of the impact forces is a reduction in the damage.

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Impact of the occupants is mitigated

The rigid foam filling of the vehicle cavity according to the ISOVOSS method can prevent the impact of the occupants on the interior wall of the vehicle mitigate. The so-called crumple zone is missing on the side walls of vehicles. There is hardly any space and older vehicles are particularly poorly prepared for a side impact. With the ISOVOSS method, a buffer zone can be created in the side area of ​​the vehicle. And the cavity stiffener can too carried out subsequently will. A professional implementation is absolutely necessary for the cavity reinforcement according to the ISOVOSS method to be a success.

From the cavity to the buffered side area!

The ISOVOSS method is used to transform a weak side area with a cavity into a strong buffer zone close. The stiffening of the cavity means that the forces in the event of an impact are distributed over a wider area. Without the cavity reinforcement, the side frame would warp on impact. With the ISOVOSS method, the risk of the side frame warping can be reduced.

ISOVOSS method construction foam cavity foaming side accident carshtest side E1640604639868

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ISOVOSS method Foaming the construction foam cavity

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