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KAT replacement pipe is a term that is used in connection with the catalytic converter in an exhaust system. The replacement pipe can, for example, replace the silencer and convert the exhaust system, which is equipped with a catalytic converter at the factory, into a racing version "without approval". The catalyst replacement pipe is also used as a catalyst alternative. It can replace the standard built-in catalytic converter, but then of course the vehicle is no longer allowed on the road. In the following, more details about the KAT replacement pipe are explained and it is also explained why its use is prohibited in Germany.

Catalyst - what is it?

Sport catalyst tuning performance increase 2 More performance with a KAT replacement tube the information!

A car with a gasoline engine has a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system. The catalytic converter treats the exhaust gases and cleans the exhaust air. The cat filters harmful pollutants and is structured accordingly for its specialized tasks. Catalysts are equipped with precious metals that are located in a honeycomb structure. The cat converts hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into largely harmless components.

KAT replacement pipe - what are the advantages?

KAT replacement tube dummy intermediate tube alternative tuning 3 More performance with a KAT replacement tube the information!

A catalytic converter replacement tube is used, for example, in the racing area to obtain improved engine performance and a richer sound. The factory catalytic converter prevents / reduces the full power of the engine. The response of the vehicle should be optimized by installing the dummy and the exhaust gas temperature and exhaust back pressure should be reduced. Depending on the model, replacing the KAT can lead to an increase in output and torque of up to 10 percent. In the case of a catalytic converter, the exhaust gas is pressed through the honeycombs and this no longer happens by replacing the catalytic converter system with a catalytic converter replacement pipe. This often leads to significantly more performance. KAT replacement tubes are therefore often used when tuning racing cars. For example, models from Remus, Bul-X, Bastuck, Fox, Supersprint, Akrapovic and BN-Pipes are available in stores. the replacement pipes for the Kat are ideally made of stainless steel (100%) and fit perfectly. The dummy is protected from wear and corrosion by the stainless steel material. Furthermore, it is temperature-resistant and light in weight.

KAT replacement pipe - not for road traffic

KAT replacement tube dummy intermediate tube alternative tuning police More performance with a KAT replacement tube the information!

A KAT replacement tube is used in racing or for non-approved vehicles should not approved for road traffic (laccording to StVO). The use of a KAT replacement pipe in road traffic is illegal and leads to the loss of insurance cover and the vehicle's operating license. Furthermore, the use of a KAT replacement pipe can lead to a complaint for tax evasion. But, as is often claimed, one is really committing to it tax evasion? Here is the answer!

The inadmissible replacement pipes must neither the particulate Filter still replace the catalyst. By the way, you will find the penalties for illegal use in road traffic HERE. It must also be noted that the replacement pipes for the Kat should only be installed with components that come from the same manufacturer if possible. In the manufacturer's descriptions there is usually a warning that after installing the KAT replacement pipe the Engine control lamp lights up if you do not adapt the engine software.

KAT replacement pipe - conclusion

The installation of a KAT replacement tube is said to improve engine performance, lead to a richer sound and ensure better vehicle responsiveness. All of this usually works. However, the use of a replacement tube for the KAT is not permitted for road traffic, according to the StVO. An infringement leads to loss of insurance cover and operating license and often to a report. KAT replacement tubes are only intended for use in racing. A legal alternative is one Sport catalyst.

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