The Kevlar coating: what is it? What do you have to pay attention to?

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Especially on off-road vehicles from America, you can see a particularly striking paint finish on the body more and more often. We are talking about the so-called Kevlar coating. Whether Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, Hummer, Dartz or Mercedes G-Class, the rough outer skin could be seen many times, especially at the last SEMA Auto Show (2022). But what exactly is the Kevlar coating? One thing is a fact, such a Kevlar coating can in principle be applied to trucks, pickups, SUVs and any other type of vehicle. And one thing is also clear, such a Kevlar coating transforms any boring paintwork into something special. But it's not just about the looks. The paint is designed especially for off-road adventures.

extremely robust and durable

A Kevlar coating is a super tough finish with a tensile strength typically in excess of 4000 or even 4500. In addition, the coating is extremely scratch-resistant in all cases. And when things get tough and the vehicle suffers a major dent, the Kevlar coating remains on the body and doesn't flake off. It is also possible to choose the coating in almost all common colors. And a Kevlar coating will not fade or peel over time like cheap bedliner coatings often do. In contrast to Bedliner coating Real Kevlar is used for the Kevlar coating. Depending on the vehicle and application, applying the paint can take over 40 hours per vehicle.

the Kevlar coating: hardly any maintenance required

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If everything is done correctly, the surface will last years and look like new. However, before the order can be placed, the bodywork has to be at least be prepared in the same way as with conventional painting. We have listed the rough procedure below. Incidentally, the original Kevlar finish is a product (chemical) of DuPont. It prevents scratches, dents and rust on the vehicle and the well-known waxing or polish is no longer necessary after the order (and no longer possible). Once properly applied, the Kevlar coating will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Incidentally, the coating is also only suitable for individual parts or a loading area.

Kevlar Coating Kevlar finish 2

This is how the Kevlar coating is applied:

  1. Prepare vehicle
    – Clean the outside with soap and water and then rinse
  2. If possible, remove body parts that are not to be coated, such as window frames, door handles, emblems, etc. (or mask off exactly)
  3. Mask off windows and other areas around the vehicle that are unsuitable for the application but cannot be removed
  4. Sand and prepare the paint surface (remove wax and other residues)
    – repair external damage such as scratches, dents, dents, etc
    – Sandpaper with at least 80 grit, better with 50 grit, for sanding the paintwork
    – Clean everything thoroughly with acetone after sanding
    – Plus clean with MEK
  5. Spray on coating (according to manufacturer specifications)
  6. Allow the paint to dry properly and extensively
  7. reinstall all removed parts
  8. done

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