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The launch control is still mainly to be found in the racing area. The device is almost on revthat works at the push of a button and also with the so-called No-lift shift function is combined. The speed limiter only starts at a defined speed. The launch control then interrupts the ignition so that the engine cannot exceed a certain speed. The car can start quickly and the driver can go full throttle from the start without having to know the exact dosage for the optimal start. The launch control provides the driver with the optimum acceleration right from the start. The following explains whether it makes sense to retrofit the LC (launch control).

Launch control - optimized start process

Retrofit Launch Control LC Rev Limiter

The launch control is sometimes referred to as an advanced traction control or traction control. The LC is intended to ensure an optimal starting process and to enable the driver to accelerate as quickly as possible. For this purpose, the gearshift and clutch are controlled and an engine speed is specified when starting, which enables the vehicle to accelerate fastest from a standing start (ideal degree of hatching). The LC is programmed in such a way that the automatic gearbox or gearbox only shift into the next gear when the perfect speed has been reached. The system is one of the most manual throttle feet right from the start untrained Consider the driver. The launch control is mainly at Quarter Mile (1 / 4) race used. A vehicle can also benefit from launch control in other racing competitions.

Launch control - what are its disadvantages?

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An LC puts a huge strain on the drive and motor, which is why vehicles with launch control can only be used up to a certain clutch temperature. Furthermore, the fuel consumption, due to the high speeds, also very high. Scattered (depending on the vehicle type) je Using the launch control, the clutch and other components have approximately 10.000 km less life time available.

Does it make sense to retrofit the LC?

If no races are to be driven and the driver wants to have something from the drive, engine, clutch etc. for a longer time, then it is not sensible to retrofit a launch control. A standard limiter that cuts off the spray and not the ignition can make more sense. Without the interruption of the fuel supply and the ignition, the catalyst would be flooded with fuel. It is advisable to know whether the car should survive the next race before installing a launch control. If you want to equip a racing car with launch control, you should contact an appropriate tuning workshop that specializes in racing gears and racing engines. The specialists in the workshop can recommend and install an LC for the car.

retrofitting is possible

Retrofitting a Rev Limiter as launch control (there are even remote controls) that works with the help of ignition interruption is possible. This means that both the start speed and the speed limiter can be configured. So you can have a perfect launch control start. With the Launch Control it is possible to keep the accelerator pedal position at full throttle when stationary. The retrofit box registers the clutch actuation and keeps the speed at an adjustable level. The retrofit system almost always only interrupts the ignition and does not work with the spray feed. Some systems also have the function No-lift shift. This makes it possible to leave the accelerator pedal at full throttle when changing gears. The box recognizes the clutch actuation and maintains the speed because the ignition is interrupted. However, such a system should only be used with metal cats to avoid the problems mentioned above.

Launch control - conclusion

An LC should enable a quick start and is advisable for racing cars that have to accelerate quickly from a standing start. The LC interrupts the ignition and shifts to the next higher gear at optimal engine speeds and should only ever be used with an automatic vehicle to be effective. However, high speeds and tremendous accelerations are detrimental to the engine, drive and catalytic converter. Fuel consumption increases enormously and the LC is generally only used at certain coupling temperatures. Retrofitting a launch control on older vehicles is not always sensible and can mean death for all affected components. If only the ignition is interrupted by the LC, then there is a fuel flood and fuel can get into the catalytic converter and damage it.

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